Tired of the usual BS from dating apps? Try Zoosk Dating app now for something a little different. This app is for those with more of a taste for serious relationships. It skips out the hookup element by catering to those looking for their solemates, regardless of their background or orientation. The app is very open about the fact that it helps you to look for someone to enjoy the rest of your life with, so, if you’re just here for a cheeky F to the K, then you’re in the wrong place.

Zoosk dating app allows you to build a profile that reflects your interests and personality through highlighting your preferences, interests and more. You can find matches that share the same values as you and are looking for a similar background (have kids, for example). What’s more, this app makes you validate all your photos so that other users can guarantee that they look like you. This is a unique feature that all other dating apps could do with to avoid the constant list of fake looking profiles that have absolutely no relation to reality whatsoever. With Zoosk, you never have to worry about this again. From now on, it’s all realism and genuine profiles, none of the crap to dredge through that makes Tinder so soul destroying.

Why Download Zoosk?

Basically, if you’re looking for a dating app that isn’t based around shallow swiping, then this is the app for you. The app is openly aimed at older people, including those who have been divorced or widowed, helping them to get back into the dating scene. It offered dating and relationship advice on its website, as well as advice on getting back into single life more generally. This gives the app a specific niche that casual daters won’t find interesting, but more mature members certainly will.

The app dates back to the early days of Facebook – it was one of the first apps to operate through the site in 2007 and now simply integrates your information from Facebook, Google and other social media sites, meaning that you don’t have to bother filling out detailed information about yourself, save for your preferences, height, and so on.

Seeing as Zuckerberg and the folks at Google probably know more about you than you’d like to admit, this is a great place to start when importing data to find the perfect match. But don’t worry, the information doesn’t get that specific, so your weird health-related searches won’t be splashed all over the all over your user profile.

Great Features of Zoosk Dating App

It has more than 40 million members, with over 3 million messages sent every day, meaning that you’re unlikely not to get chatting to someone of interest. Ultimately, user base is the most important feature of any dating app – if there aren’t any people to date, then the other features aren’t particularly worth their weight if written on a piece of paper.

Zoosk also takes user privacy very seriously, and makes sure that all the accounts on the app are real by forcing you to verify your photos with a selfie and provide proof of other things (such as if you served in the armed services).

What’s more, the app supports more than 25 languages now, so if you’re looking for someone a bit more familiar to your home, or you’re looking to meet someone in a new country after picking up a bit of the local lingo, then this is a great choice to bet on.

The app also features a cool and innovative messenger that puts other dating apps to shame. You can message right in the user profile card without having to actually go onto their profile and then to messages. It also gives you a choice of tailored icebreakers for you to get things rolling. But don’t read too much into this – the app is very simple overall and doesn’t come with many random features to try and distinguish it from the competition.

Shortcomings of Zoosk

One downside about this app is the fact that the premium version costs so much to use. At $29.99 / month, it’s very much tailored at middle-aged people with more money than the average user. This seems a little over-the-top, and combined with the app’s suggestion to find love after a divorce or being widowed, it sort of just looks like they’re taking money from desperate people. Basically, with all the other free dating apps (or cheaper ones) out there, it’s really not worth paying this massive amount of money for a premium account. Alternatively, you can get 12 months for $99.99, which is, of course, much more reasonable. That being said, if you’re looking for the one and only then subscribing for a dating for an entire year seems to either imply that you’re not going to stop at the first ideal match or that you’re just terrible at dating.

There are also a lot of reviews claiming that the service houses tons of fake or dead profiles, with profiles that haven’t been used since 2007 still popping up as viable like options. This is something that, if true, would make the app frustrating to use and essentially full of spam. Reports of profiles offering free sex if you follow a link have also been mentioned as common – this is something that users should stray away from (after all, who realistically believes that those propositions are true… seriously, have some common sense).

Download Zoosk Dating App for Android

To get this dating app on your Android device, simply follow the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just have to press “Install.”

If you’re single and on the market, then you might as well try this app, although we recommend that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and use a couple of different dating apps for maximum results. Different dating apps tend to cater to different audiences and some can be more responsive than others depending on who you are, what you’re looking for and what you look like.

Try Zoosk, but also try Hinge, Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, or others to get a real scope of the people around you. See which one you like most and away you go! Enjoy, and good luck.