If you’re looking to find the very best restaurants in your town, but don’t have a full network of foodaholic friends around 24/7 specifically to give you advice on where to eat next, then you might want to consider downloading the Zomato app for Android. This awesome little restaurant guide app allows you to see all the restaurants nearby, filter them based on cuisine, distance, price, and so on, and then rate them. In short, you’ll be stuck for somewhere to eat again with the help of Zomato apk.

What is Zomato apk?

Zomato was founded by two Indian in 2008 and originally guided users to the best Indian restaurants. The app soon landed in the US and elsewhere, where it was known as Urbanspoon. It’s since gone back to the old name and now is available in more than 10,000 cities around the world.

You can read user reviews of restaurants, see pictures of the menus to know exactly how much you’re going to spend (much better than those vague little dollar signs on trip advisor), and you can use the map feature to direct you there. Its a whole bunch of services rolled into one.

While the app was originally designed to guide users to Indian restaurants, it now caters for all sorts of cuisines including Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian and more. It’s available in 24 different countries across six continents.

What’s great about this free foodie app is that it connects you with where you want to eat and saves you the time of having to research places online through their websites. While some sites like Trip Advisor offer a slightly similar service, these sites are generally limited in scope and don’t provide enough detail. With Zomato, you get a dedicated server for free that provides reviews, accurate pricing, and even delivery in some countries.

You can also connect with your friends on the Zomato app, meaning it’s sort of also like a food-based social media app! You can see where they’ve been eating, how they liked the places they ate in, and even what collections they’ve built. Build your own collections too to recommend all your favorite places and keep track of where you’ve been dining around the world.

Top Features of Zomato apk

Now that you know a little bit more about this awesome restaurant review and finder app, let’s have a closer look at the best features it offers.


You can search through nearby restaurants, as well as cafes, bars, and other entertainment spots. You can choose between the cuisine or type of bar, as well as opt for nearby searches, or draw a circle yourself in a specific location on the map to find all the places in that area (similar to Foursquare).


You can read the app’s description, as well as various user reviews of the restaurant/bar/cafe to get more of an idea about the place. You can also see the rating that users gave the place so that you know what to expect when you arrive.


Alongside reviews, you can also find tons of pictures of the food, interior and exterior, and notably, the menus. This is great and is encouraged by the community so that you can figure out exactly how much you’re going to spend in the place. We’ve all been in those budget times where you’re told a place is cheap, turn up, and then realize it’s only cheap for someone who isn’t on a budget. Now you can know exactly how much you’ll spend.


Find the best places to eat particular foods, or the best spots to date, dine in groups, or take your dad. You can find places for any occasion with Zomato apk.


Make your own lists of places that suit your life with collections. You could collect together a bunch of places to eat lunch near you, budget restaurants, places to splash out in, or just places with awesome wings.


Book a table in the place you find directly from within the app. This makes choosing where to dine easy and ensures your partner won’t be disappointed when you get there. Booking a table has never been easier!


Follow your mates on the app to see where they’ve been eating, what their collections are, and how they rated different places around town. Maybe you’ll even bump into them next time you go there.


Keep track of all the places you’ve eaten with the dineline. Never forget about a great meal again and get to see all the spots you’ve enjoyed for future reference. We all hate being stuck in that situation where you’re trying to recommend somewhere to people and you just can’t remember for the life of you what the name of the place was or where it was. Now you can!


You don’t have to pay for an account, you can use all the features of Zomato totally free of charge – you won’t be getting any free lunches though 😉


While this is currently only available in India, the UAE and a few other places, the feature will likely spread across other countries too, becoming a competitor in this already bulging market.

How to Download Zomato apk for Android

To get this restaurant guide on your Android, simply press the download button above and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can get it totally free by pressing “Install.”

Once you’ve got the app up and running, you can enjoy all the awesome features that it brings and find out about all the restaurants in your town like you’ve never known them before. Make sure you’re an active member in the Zomato community and help other users to find the best spots around town (while also helping out the restaurants you love by spreading the word about them to new users).

We hope you enjoy using this unique restaurant app – if you like it then be sure to check out the other similar apps like this one on our site. Compare and contrast, and don’t forget to rate them!