There are millions of apps on the Play Store. Some are better than others. And some have become exceedingly popular despite the fact that they lack features that could make them significantly better. This is where mod developed apps come in. Thanks to savvy developers that recognize the need for added features and functionality to apps, we see the emergence of the likes of YoWhatsApp for Android.

After all, one of the luxuries of being an Android user is the freedom to modify our devices and download third-party apps that aren’t available on Google Play. Now, we are not ‘Apple haters’ at Top1apk, we just understand that Android is infinitely better due to a few simple reasons.

Firstly, it’s all about choices. Not only choices across a huge range of devices, but also features of those devices. Want a phone that prioritizes the camera, or perhaps RAM for smoother use? With so many devices to choose from you can always find one that fits your needs. It beats the genericism of the iPhone.

Then you’ve got customization. If you don’t like the keyboard, download a new one. Or even completely overhaul your phone’s theme with a custom lock screen, app icons and more. Then there’s the fact that Android has universal chargers, widgets, multitasking, and general durability.

And finally, we come to the topic that’s actually relevant to this app review. Google Play Store is a fantastic platform as it is, with a super friendly user interface and a stupid amount of content to download. It’s much easier to get your app accepted onto Google Play than it is to the App Store. Apple is stringent with the apps that they approve, and while this may prevent malware, it also limits access to awesome developments. But going further beyond the benefits of having access to Google Play, we can also access hundreds of other markets that exist beyond Google’s reach. Places like ACMarket bring us an even greater choice with apps that are too cool to even be approved by Google.

A lot of these apps are modified versions of apps that exist on Google Play with added functionality or even bypassing payment gateways for premium features. YoWhatsapp latest apk is one of them. With WhatsApp being insanely popular globally, folks recognized it could be improved upon. Let’s look at the features of the modded version of this app and why you should download it today.

Apart from YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp has another modified version called Whatsapp Plus.

What’s it all about, Yo?

In a nutshell, YoWa is a version of the original app WhatsApp that has been modified by its developer for added functionality and features. Naturally, for his reason, it’s not available in Google Play. It has all the standard features of the original app, but integrates new ones at the same time, like further customization and privacy settings.


  • Added privacy with custom settings to change the visibility of status, select who can ring you, modify your received message checks and more.
  • New and custom text fonts with the ability to change type and size.
  • Emojis from Android Oreo now integrated into the app.
  • More file types supported for sending to contacts including APK, PDF, and ZIP.
  • Larger capacity for file sending – up to and over 700MB
  • Improved performance and speed over the original WhatsApp app.
  • Lock feature added in the form of pattern, PIN or fingerprint scanner
  • New languages and emojis added

The world’s most popular communications app has now been modified for better user experience, as you can see from the features above. The result is a version of WhatsApp that gives you greater control and comfort without sacrificing the original apps functionality. YoWhatsApp is completely free and won’t ask you to pay for features that you don’t want or need.

How to install

Because YoWa isn’t available on the Play Store, it’s nearly but not quite as simple as pressing install. Firstly, because this is an APK file, you’ll need to activate the “Unknown Sources” option in Settings > Applications of your Android device. This gives your phone the green light to download files and apps that aren’t listed on Google Play.

When you’ve completed this step, press the ‘Download’ button at the top of this article. When your Yowhatsapp download for android mobile is complete, open the APK file and press install. When installation is complete, feel free to delete the APK file to save room on your device. This won’t affect the app in any way.

Note: Minimum operating system requirement is Android 4.0. File size is around 30MB.

Is it legal though?

Apps like these tend to fall into a legal grey area. You won’t necessarily get into trouble for downloading and using it. So while the developers may be subject to prosecution for breaching intellectual property rights, you’re fairly safe as one of the millions of users.

Is it safe? For the most part, YoWhatsApp is just as safe and secure as the original WhatsApp. We are not aware of any issues or sources that say otherwise. The only concern with the original version of the app was regarding privacy between users. This has now been resolved with the modded version know as YoWhatsApp.

The bottom line

There are major benefits to getting your hands on this app. We personally believe the ability to customize and heighten your levels of privacy is the most beneficial function. Yes, the other added features are cool and will make your life that bit easier, but privacy should always be a top concern for anyone living in an age where your every move is being monitored.

Never forget the powers that be are looking for full control of the population, and with every advancement in technology comes a whole new set of concerns about whether it breaches our right to be left the hell alone. Download YoWhatsApp latest update to stick it to the man and get off the grid before the feds come knocking on your door.