These days everyone wants everything for free and they want it offline to use whenever they want. YouTube hosts billions of free videos and for years there have been apps released allowing you to download them offline to watch whenever you want. Google responded to this by removing those apps from the play store, but Android allows you to get around this by allowing unknown sources in the Settings menu and downloading unofficial APK files. This has meant that for years people have been able to save YouTube videos offline, rip the audio to make MP3 files, and never have to be bored out of their minds on flights again.

After years of playing cat and mouse and occasionally threatening app developers with hefty fines, Google finally cracked and allowed users to save some videos offline on the YouTube app itself. Some, but not all – only those that don’t have a specific copyright attached to them can be saved offline and they can’t be exported from the YouTube app itself. That is, until now.

Save YouTube Videos to Your SD Card

YouTube Go is the latest release by Google LLC that allows you to download videos directly from YouTube and watch them offline whenever you want. Rather than continuing to fight an uphill battle against the free apps that constantly do exactly this, Google has decided instead to make an official one to try and divert the video downloaders away from the ‘bad guys’ and into their pockets.

Seeing as so many apps are going to continue to be made allowing you to save YouTube videos offline, it makes a lot more sense for Google to continue their current trajectory and simply allow users to save from the official app instead.

A YouTube Strip Tease

The app has been designed to suit users in areas with low connectivity where streaming is a difficult option. It’s essentially a stripped down version of the official YouTube app with fewer tabs to explore and the option to either stream or directly download every video.

The app looks like YouTube, aside from the fact it only has a choice of Home and Downloads tabs to choose from, meaning you don’t have a whole lot to explore. This actually makes using the app even simpler than the already very straightforward YouTube app itself.

When you open a video you’ll have the option to stream it as per usual, or to download it onto your SD card to watch offline whenever you want without having to worry about buffering. This is ideal for users in developing countries where access to good internet connection is generally limited. You will always be greeted by option to either stream or download – there is no default setting.

Unfortunately, having such a stripped down version of YouTube does mean that some useful extras have been sacrificed. Chief among these is the ability to minimize a video while it’s playing to browse new ones. You can no longer enjoy this function on YouTube Go.

The app does have some neat features though that make it very convenient for users. Let’s have a look.

Best Features of YouTube Go APK for Android

While the app is stripped down of some of its key features, you can still enjoy plenty of useful things that have been tailor-added to suit user preferences.

Informs about data

Every time you choose to download a video, the app will tell you exactly how much data you have left on your device. This means that you’re never over-downloading or slowing down your device’s performance. This is a really useful feature that shows how in tune YouTube Go is to their user’s requirements.


The app is very easy to use and with fewer tabs to click through than the original YouTube, finding exactly what you want has never been easier. If you can’t figure this one out, then frankly the internet just isn’t for you…

Offline videos

Probably the top feature of YouTube Go is the ability to download videos onto your SD card to watch later when you have limited connection. Even if you have good connection, this is still great for when you’re flying or on a long journey without the internet.

Offline sharing

The app also allows you to share videos with other people when you’re offline by using a WiFi hotspot feature that doesn’t consume any mobile data. This is a great way to share things with your friends while saving on your monthly data bill.


One more great thing about the latest version of YouTube Go apk is that it works on any Android device above Jellybean (Android 4.1) meaning that practically all Android devices in use today are compatible with it.

Areas for Improvement

Much like the original save offline feature of YouTube, not all videos are available to download offline – some will be unavailable due to copyright issues. This actually doesn’t affect that many videos overall, but it’s still an area that would be better rethought out.

Overall, YouTube Go apk is a great slimmed down version of the video sharing app that allows you to browse videos with exceptional speed while using up as little data as possible. This means that at the end of the month your data bill will be considerably small – especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time watching videos on YouTube while you’re on the go.

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Download YouTube Go apk for Android free

If you want to be able to watch YouTube videos while you’re offline, save on data, and share videos with your friends quickly and without using up any mobile data, then this is the app for you. It clearly demonstrates that Google has the interests of its users in mind, especially those in areas with poor connectivity.

To get the app, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install it for free. Enjoy watching all your favorite videos offline and save some money on your mobile data bill!