If you’re looking to stream and download movies onto your Android, then give YIFY apk movie browser a go. You won’t be disappointed with this massive movie streaming app.

Streaming movies became popular as soon as someone realised that the concept could be achieved. Once the internet became aware of the concept of torrenting, streaming and storing movies for free on multiple devices… it was all downhill for Blockbuster after that.

Among the most popular movie torrenting sites were big players like YIFY and PirateBay. Both, alongside many others, were forced to constantly move around to new servers to avoid being shut down by the authorities. Both are still active today, along with many others, and both have launched their own movie browser apps for Android so that you can watch movies while you’re on the go.

The Story of Seeds and Leeches

The ability to torrent files became popular with the advent of BitTorrent in 2002. The file sharing service quickly took off and files available for download had by this point become universally known as torrents. The services meant that anyone could share their movies and music with the rest of the web. Those who continued sharing the file were known as Seeds, and those who took without sharing back became referred to ask Leeches.

Eventually, the movie industry, as well as the music industry, began to feel the repercussions of online file sharing. The dent that it caused in their revenues was no small thing, and examples were made in the form of prosecutions and fines that sometimes reached millions of dollars for breaching copyright.

Piracy became a demonised action, but that didn’t stop the hundreds of millions of people actively torrenting. For the average Joe, torrenting was a convenient way to get the media you wanted without having to spend half your monthly salary on obtaining it. It gave license back to the people who needed it most, and did away with the corporate trap of having to pay $5 for a single, or $15 for a DVD.

Paying that much money for a movie or album is a joke, and most of the money doesn’t go back to the artists – so who wants to pay it? The answer, not many people.

YIFY – The Movie Browser for Android

YIFY came to prominence as a major torrent site, with an emphasis on downloading movies. The YIFY app keeps much to the same recipe. Want to watch a movie while you’re out on the go – no problem, just download YIFY and you can have it, wherever you are, whenever you want.

To download YIFY just press the button at the top of this article. Once your download is complete you’ll have to search for the Ace Stream Engine apk – this is a necessary add-on to use the YIFY app. Once you’ve got both of these apps, you can open YIFY and you’ll be greeted with the most watched, new releases, and so on.

Just select the film you want to watch and the press either the download button, which may have your service provider coming down on you (although this is unlikely), or press the little magnet – this way the movie essentially streams from seeds. So the movie will be playable immediately inside the app itself, and won’t be stored on your device. Of course, you’ll need an internet connection to do this.

You can browse through dozens of genres of movies on YIFY, and rest assured, their library is up-to-date with all the latest titles, as well as all the aging classics.

Best Features of YIFY apk

So now you’ve got an idea of how the app works, let’s look at some of its best features to demonstrate why you ought to download it:


YIFY has all the movies you could want from an app – there are thousands upon thousands of movies on it, including all the latest title, as well as classics and independent and foreign films. YIFY does not disappoint if you’re looking for an all-encompassing movie library.


The app is clean and easy to use. The movie titles are all laid out in a grid, and you’ll be able to easily navigate through categories and genres to find exactly what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to locate specific titles. It’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Boom.


Obviously, this is a massive plus. Why pay out your backside for a Netflix subscription when you can have way more movies than they can provide, all totally free. There’s no real answer to that, is there?


While it’s worth mentioning that YIFY isn’t considered an official app, it is still rated more than four out of five stars on Google Play Store by more than 6,000 users. It’s a well-known and well-used app with a decent reputation. No funny business that we can see.


The fact that you can stream as well as torrent movies is great in that it doesn’t force you to take up storage on your device. The app itself is also a small size, so you don’t have to worry about eating into your precious leftover MB. Small, easy, and effective. That’s what we like.

Rolling the Credits

The final cut is simple, if you want an app to download and stream movies for free, then YIFY movie browser apk is the one for you. With this formidable piece of software on your device, you can go about turning your phone or tablet into the cinema system that you always dreamt it would be. Sure, the screen might not compare with the movie theatre, but you can still carry some popcorn around with you and sit in a dark room while watching it.

If you’re really looking to up your experience, then use BlueStacks 4 Android Emulator (which you can download on TOP1APK) to use YIFY on your laptop, and then cast it to a Smart TV. Boom, you have a cinema in your living room. Don’t thank us just yet, get downloading these great apps now, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our movie and music apps on top1apk.com.