File sharing is one of the constants for a technologically connected society. From torrents to bluetooth to WiFi enabled sharing to simply transferring a document on Facebook Messenger. There are so many ways to share files now that a lot of us probably no longer realize how often we do it. Sending photos to friends, sending GIFs, sending documents in emails and more – that’s all simple stuff that doesn’t really require anything high-tech to complete. But then there’s the bigger files: Movies, albums, large word documents, high-res photos, in fact, there are so many types of files to share now that we won’t even try to list them all – but if you’re online (which you obviously are) then you already know all about that.

When you want to share files quickly between mobile devices you have several options. The oldest, bluetooth, is since long outdated. While it was a great way to share small files like photos back in the day, it’s now an ineffective way of sharing the large files that we want to give our friends nowadays.

This gives rise to the second option which has recently been available on iOS and Android – “dropping” files across phones. But even this way has its downsides. Finally, you can use WiFi enabled sharing to send files extremely quickly between two devices, including between an Android and a PC, without the need to have 3G connection or bluetooth. This is the chosen method of Xender – one of the fastest file sharing apps currently available for Android devices.

Why Use Xender apk for Android?

Whatever you want to send, you can guarantee that you won’t have to wait around for the files to transfer with Xender. The app makes use of the most cutting edge and secure file sharing technology to give an easy and smooth sharing process. It does this by opening up a WiFi hotspot between the two devices themselves (this means it doesn’t need WiFi connection to the internet), or if you want more people to join the file transfer party then you can add even more devices to share between them all simultaneously.

All you need to do to use Xender is download the app on each device that wants to share files, then open it on those devices, choose a file to send and shake the phone, the file will be sent to all other devices connected to that hotspot. This is the quickest way to share large files across devices and it doesn’t consume many resources such as 3G or even battery life, which makes it much preferable to the other methods.

Other Best Features of Xender APK for Android

Now that you know a bit more about this awesome file sharing app for Android, download Xender APK to have quick file transfers across multiple devices and more. Let’s have a closer look.


Xender can access all files on your device, including those in other apps, so you don’t need to go into the app and find the file you’re looking for, save it and then go back into Xender. Instead, you just need to open Xender and choose the file from wherever you want on your phone. Xender will then pack it up and allow you to send it to another device, even if they don’t have the app in question.


Experience the fastest sharing of files with WiFi hotspot connectivity. You don’t have to wait for Bluetooth while it drains your phone’s battery and takes ages to send files, nor do you have to rack up an expensive data bill by sharing through 3G/4G. The Xender app uses WiFi hotspots to share files between individual devices, allowing them to share at massive speeds. This is by far the most effective way to transfer files to friends.


You can send files between different devices, regardless of if they’re Android, iOS or even a computer. The app works between all devices allowing for the best compatibility for sending files. Why have any limitations? Send files wherever you are, to whoever you want!


You don’t have to be connected to the internet to send files on Xender – the app works through hotspots meaning that it works regardless of if you’re online or not. This is a top feature of the app that we’re sure you’ll appreciate seeing as it means you can now send files regardless of the connection in your area – just let the phones work off of each other!


Not only do you not have to pay for this app, which also comes with no in-app purchases, but you don’t even have to spend any money on data when transfering files. The app is totally free to use which makes sending videos, photos and documents a breeze and no concern at all – this is surely something that you’ll be glad to take for granted!


On top of all of that, the latest version of Xender for Android is easy-to-use and minimalist, meaning that you can go about sharing your files with friends without any confusion on your part or on theirs. This feature compliments all the others and wraps Xender up into an easy to digest ball of goodness that you can have free of charge on your Android, iOS, Google phone, or anything else. Enjoy!

How to Download the Latest Version of Xender

To get the latest version of Xender downloaded free on Android, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be automatically taken to the Google Play Store where you can press “Install” to get to sharing files for free immediately!

The latest version of Xender apk comes with the “Phone Replicate” feature, which allows you to take all the data, photos, contacts and everything else on your device and transfer it to another one – perfect for when you buy a new phone. This feature is much easier and more effective than the traditional SIM backup that doesn’t guarantee results and is often fiddly. With the latest version of Xender, you can guarantee that all your files and contacts will be exchanged to the new phone in an instant. Good job!