Download WWE Mayhem game on Android and iOS to have World Championship Wrestling at your fingertips. Play through six classes of wrestling superstars – full action!

WWE Mayhem is the latest swipe-based game released by WWE in collaboration with Reliance Games. The professional wrestling fighting game is the closest you’ll get to the real thing while using a handheld device. It probably gets its name from WCW Mayhem, which first screened in 1999.

The game is totally free to download and features a staggering lineup of World Championship Wrestling superstars. Players can build their dream team and compete in real time during weekly events – earning bonuses for their successes.

The game’s simple controls and interface don’t take away from the fact that the gameplay in WWE Mayhem is incredibly entertaining. The over-the-top move sequences, dramatic reactions to punches and embedded mini-games required to pin your enemy make it fantastically engrossing.

WWE’s previous swipe fighter – WWE Immortals – was well received but ultimately made the characters too fanciful, on top of this, the fighting and the gameplay itself was very similar to that of ‘Tekken’ and felt like it was lacking in any real structure. WWE Mayhem brings it right back to where fans want to see it – in the ring!

WWE understand don’t just understand their target customers, they also understand why people play swipe action games –  for some quick fire top-class entertainment between other tasks – and they’ve built Mayhem around this perfectly.

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Best features of WWE Mayhem

The game comes with loads of action-packed features which make the gameplay more rewarding and bring online competition to the forefront. Read on to explore our favourite features in WWE Mayhem.

Fast-paced action

WWE Mayhem is over-the-top action all over. Slam your opponents into the floor, throw them across the ring and powerdrive them into submission.

Awesome roster

The lineup in Mayhem is everything a wrestling fan could want from a game. Play as the legends and superstars including John Cena, The Rock, Andre the Giant, Triple H, Xavier Woods, AJ Styles, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Roman Reigns, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Jinder Mahal, Kalisto, Big E and more. Superstars come between one and four-stars, you can level them up by using them more.

Unique personalities

Play across six classes including brawler, high flyer, powerhouse, technician, wildcard and showman. Each class comes with its own unique strengths and weaknesses to be exploited.

Weekly events

Participate in weekly events like RAW and SmackDown Live to showcase your skills against other players and rise in the leaderboard. Players can receive unique bonuses and even have the chance to be the WWE Mayhem World Champion.

Special bonuses

Earn these from events and player vs player matches to unlock new superstars, bonuses, gold and special briefcases.

Brutal reversals

Just as you’re about to be knocked down by an opponent’s special move, jump out of the way and savagely turn it against him. These are devastating and a lot of fun to watch.

Play with friends

Join with your buddies in tag-team or challenge them in versus mode. This online feature will allow you to earn rewards quicker and show your mates who’s boss.

Signature moves

Unleash these epic moves by storing up special energy. You gain energy by attacking your enemy- once it’s full, you’re ready to rain hell-fire on them.

Match types

Play different match types like rumble, handicap, cage and gauntlet.

Tips for winning in WWE Mayhem

While playing Mayhem, it helps to know some neat tricks to make sure you’re on top when you need to be. Follow these helpful tips to get your game up to scratch and watch yourself rise in the leaderboard.

Focus on light attacks

These are fast-paced moves that allow you to build up energy much quicker – getting you ever closer to a devastating special move – they also don’t give your enemy much time to counter.


This is so important, not only does it save you from getting your face pummeled in, it also drains your opponent’s energy and leaves them vulnerable to counter attacks.

Quick special moves

This one is risky but totally worth it. Hold the bottom right of the screen for a couple of seconds, you’ll charge your opponent, pinning them down and gaining a special move in the process. That’s if you don’t get attacked while preparing the charge, that is.

Pair for boosts

Pairing certain superstars in your team will give them a boost – some characters can get increased damage or a better chance of a critical hit when paired with the right person – for example, Bray Watt and Finn Balor.


These give you in-game cash, level-ups and unlock new characters. They can also give you health and power upgrades. Here are some of the rewards available in WWE Mayhem:

Story loot-case keys

You get these after by progressing in the story, they unlock random, usually one or two-star characters.


There are four types: Daily, Four Hour, Story Mode and Versus Cases. They contain superstars, level ups, cash and health refills.

Level-up bottles

This upgrades your superstars and they’re usually found in cases, but can also be given after completing a story match.

Daily login bonuses

If you play every day, you’ll get bonuses such as health and experience refills and unique cases.

How to play WWE Mayhem

Attacks in Mayhem are very simple and consist of swipe, tap and hold motions. To throw a light attack, tap your opponent. To perform a heavy attack swipe, and to block, just hold the screen. Once your special meter is full, you can tap a button to perform a special move.

While it’s all very simple, the game still feels grounded and fun.

How to download and install

WWE Mayhem is only available on Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. That being said, you can use it on a PC or Mac with an Android emulator like BlueStacks. You can get this software by typing it into Google and downloading it from the official website for free.

Once you’ve got BlueStacks, use it to download WWE Mayhem, then once the file is on your computer, open with the software and you can begin playing on your laptop or desktop.

To download WWE Mayhem APK, just hit the button at the end of this article, once it’s done open the file and install it, then accept the terms and away you go!


WWE Mayhem is great fun to play and has enough features to keep you entertained for days on end. This is a wonderful addition to the swipe fighter genre on handheld where you can watch your favourite professional wrestling superstars have it out at one another in an all action, all power representation of World Wrestling Entertainment. We’re looking forward to seeing what updates are in stock for WWE Mayhem 2019. Top marks!