Are you a fan of corner throws and back breakers? If so, perhaps you’ve been looking for a way to get involved in the dramatic and cutthroat world of professional wrestling without actually putting yourself at risk. WWE has certainly been a huge presence in American culture for years. I for one remember imitating the Rock as he threw up that Peoples Eyebrow, right before I dropped my younger sibling with a People’s Elbow. And while I don’t write this as a fan of WWE, I do write it with the understanding of why it’s so popular.

You see, most folks look at WWE in disdain due to the very obvious fact that it’s not real, and they assume the vast majority of Americans believe that it is. When in fact, we all know it’s staged and stunted, but you know what else is? Your favorite drama. And your top 5 movies. Does that make them any less exciting? WWE can be considered a soap opera with ultra dramatic relationships and legitimate crazy stunts. The wrestlers/actors are, after all, putting themselves at risk every time they perform. I have watched wrestlers climb high up on enormous ladders and then dive into the air, doing several flips on their way down to the mat to pin an opponent. I have watched them lift 300-pound wrestlers off the mat and toss them out of the ring. Admittedly, the punches don’t land as hard as perceived and are certainly staged, but there’s no denying the very ‘real’ athleticism of these guys and girls.

Besides the insane stunts, WWE has some genuinely riveting storylines and characters constructed over months and years. They have their own theme songs and costumes, and rivalries create big hype before events. With millions of fans consuming the content WWE put out, there’s no denying its popularity. And while most people may not be able to grasp the appeal, surely due to landing on this page you do. In fact, I’m guessing you’re such a hardcore fan that Monday Night Raw isn’t enough for you, and you need to supplement your crippling wrestling addiction with a 3D graphic constructed version in your spare time. Luckily, You’ve stumbled upon the right place at the right time.

Wrestling Revolution 3D – the game inspired by WWE

Allow me to introduce you to Wrestling Revolution 3D, the heavyweight champion of wrestling games. Start a wrestling career or call the shots backstage with a booking career. This is one of the few games that lets you experience wrestling on both sides of the curtain, to make sure you’ll never grow bored of wrestling. Wrestling Revolution 3D and both modes are free to play, with the option to upgrade to a ‘Pro’ account for an ad-free experience along with extra features.

On the off chance that playing both sides of the curtains isn’t enough, you can also pit immortal characters against each other in God mode making dream matches come true. Create your own fighters of all shapes and sizes and mix and match rules for the most exciting battles. It’s hard to believe they crammed all this into a mobile game, but believe it, folks. It’s as comprehensive as wrestling can get.

Wrestling Revolution was once exclusively for PC, but as good things transgress, it’s now available on your Android, and you can get a free Wrestling Revolution apk right here. Here are some tips to get the most out of your time playing this game.

The Controls

Wrestling Revolution 3D features an interactive tutorial that helps you get to grips with the gameplay, but the basic controls are::
CURSORS – They allow you to move around the screen
A, G, R, P, T – Respectively let you Attack, Grapple, Run, Pick-up and Taunt.
EYE – Change your focus
HEALTH METER – Change character
CLOCK = Switch camera angle


A note on performance so you can get the most out of this sports game. The developers put in a great deal of effort to make this game functional and perform as smoothly as possible. That being said, some phones displays can be fine-tuned for a better playback experience. Head to the options menu to adjust accordingly. One factor that affects this the most is the number of characters, so turning off referees can help, as well as limiting match size. If you’re not keen on cutting down characters, you can sacrifice the graphics instead by turning on Polygon mode.

Installing Wrestling Revolution 3D on Android

Winning matches is the hard part, this part is easy. To install this whopper of a game on your Android device, go ahead and hit that big green ‘Download’ button located at the top of this review. This will start your free Wrestling Revolution APK download but, you must make sure you have enabled downloads from unknown sources on your device. Access these permissions from the Settings section of your Android. When your apk file is downloaded, open it the file and press install. The only thing left to do is get in the ring.

The bottom line

WWE is just one of those universally loved or hated things. If you’re a fan of the action and excitement that comes with Piledrivers and RKO’s, you’re probably going to get some enjoyment out of this game. We’ve given this game a test run and are happy with how it holds up, and while it’s not mind-blowing in terms of graphics, neither is Minecraft, and that’s certainly taken the world by storm. It has a metric ton of customization options that ensure you never run out of ways to questionably dress your wrestlers. Wrestling Revolution has many loyal fans, much like WWE, which is a testament to the game and the work the developers put in.

So wait no further, there’s nothing to lose except some hours from your day and a little bit of serotonin from lack of sunlight. Go ahead an install Wrestling Revolution 3D APK today and experience what it’s like to be a WWE superstar.