If there’s one aspect of life that has the ability to bring people together besides food, it has to be song. We all love karaoke (for the most part), but we’re not always in the position to get up and hit the local pub or karaoke lounge to vocally express ourselves. The solution for rainy nights when all you want to do is sing is here. It goes by the name of Wesing and it’s the perfect way to bond with friends through the medium of song.

It’s estimated that the origins of man singing can be dated back to roughly 7 million years ago. So it goes without saying that singing is inherent and the ultimate form of expression for many people. The first karaoke machine was then invented in the ’70s and was popular in hotels and bars and gave amateur singers a chance to sing along to their favorite tracks.

Karaoke boxes or private rooms were invented shortly after in the ‘80s and remain ever popular to this day in Japan and other parts of Asia. And it’s no wonder. Singing is a fantastic stress buster after a long gruelling day at the office. Karaoke hasn’t really been adopted in America or other parts of the world for the most part, but we are soon expecting this to change as people become more and more comfortable with expressing themselves. Now, we are entering the age of mobile karaoke.

This review will explore some of the cool features Wesing has on offer as well as how you can download Wesing karaoke to your Android device in a few easy steps.

What exactly is Wesing?

Wesing karaoke is the world’s first social karaoke app with group singing features and PK sessions. The social element alongside multiple voice and video editing functions make this app unique in its own right and worth a try. Finally users can connect to other like minded performers with similar musical tastes all over the world.

So don’t pay for expensive karaoke lounge sessions and room temperature beers. Instead, download Wesing karaoke and slay those power ballads from the comfort of your own home. With Wesing you can solo karaoke or karaoke with friends and become a star in your own mind. Let’s run through some great features of this app.

Key features

Large music catalog – sing along to your favorite songs with the ever-expanding library of songs

Latest songs – songs are updated daily and the latest tracks are added hastily

Connect with others – make new friends through the power of music

Special effects – record your songs and edit them afterward with tons of special effects

Share it – share your performance with your friends and peers and listen to other singers using the app

Collab with stars – Wesing lets you perform duets with celebrities!

Feedback – use pitch correction and reverb feedback on your singing

Video filters – smooth out those blemishes and feel like a true diva with video filters

Replay – replay your performance with advanced technology that captures your voice in crystal clear quality

Gifts & Album – If you feel like supporting others for their emotional performances, go ahead and send them gifts. Also, create your own music albums and truly become a star

Make new friends – connect Wesing to your Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more to connect with friends and listen to their recordings too. Follow other artists and connect with them through the medium of song

Is it any good though?

The app itself is well built with some neat features that go beyond your typical karaoke experience. The social aspect of this app is what makes it truly special. Voice effects, gifts and the ability to create music videos are nice touches too. Put simply, this is much more than just a karaoke app.

Do you like to sing? Regardless of how comfortable you are letting it all out in front of others, Wesing is a great app if you simply have a passion for singing songs. Whether you do it among friends or alone on those long, cold rainy nights, Wesing undoubtedly has a track in its repertoire for you.

There are of course some negative reviews, as is to be expected with any app. There are some reports of minor bugs but overall, the developers seem super responsive to criticism and claim to be working hard to correct any issues highlighted in negative reviews. With close to 200,000 downloads on the Google Play Store the app sits pretty with 4.5 star rating.

Installing Wesing

Installing Wesing to your device is about as easy as it gets. Simply hit that large green ‘Download’ button located at the top of this article to begin. Just make sure your Android device is authorized to accept downloads from unknown sources other than Google Play. This gives your device the green light to go and begin the installation process. After this, there’s only one thing left to do. Open up Wesing and get singing!

Final note

What we love about Wesing is its ability to bring your karaoke with you on the go, anytime, anywhere. Perfect for house parties. We highly appreciate the app for sparking interest in singing among youth that may have never considered it as an avenue to relieve stress and create lasting memories with friends.

Wesing turns the internet into a virtual karaoke bar. Since the invention of apps like these, the karaoke industry in bars and venues has decreased significantly. Imagine what’s next for these apps. What does the future hold in store for karaoke enthusiasts? We’re predicting virtual reality will soon have a big impact on the karaoke scene, allowing users to physically sing alongside their favorite celebrity singers in a VR performance. Exciting times lie ahead and Wesing is the first step towards a completely immersive karaoke experience.

So download Wesing karaoke apk free today and tap into your inner diva, rockstar or whichever entertainment archetype you choose to channel and show the world exactly what you’re made of.