The internet is full of amateur writers, sharing their content on blogs, social media, and dedicated websites, as well as in online magazines, competitions, and more. For the amateur writer, getting their work seen can be a troublesome issue. That’s where Wattpad APK comes into play.

The writing app is an intuitive service that allows writers to upload their literature, short stories, poetry, and more. The content can then be accessed by the rest of the community, who can leave comments, suggestions, and contact writers if they like their work or would be interested in offering them something.

The app is a great way for up and coming writers to get their work out in the open in a fair and balanced environment that prioritizes quality over who you know. It can then be scouted by literary agents looking to sign contracts with young writers. The service is particularly popular with teens and features a fair amount of teen fiction. Although, it isn’t simply limited to this medium, and you can find an abundance of different styles of writing from a diverse demographic of writers. Other topics in the Wattpad library include fanfiction, poetry, romance, and much more.

The founders, including Ivan Yuen and Allen Lau, are active in the community and have their own user profiles for users to follow.

Why Wattpad APK for Android?

The service claims to now have more than 65 million users – a gigantic number of writers involved does mean that your content might be harder to find, but it also means that there’s tons of people around you to make suggestions, appreciate your work, share stories with you, and maybe even introduce you to a literary agent.

You can use the app to read other user’s stories and find inspiration, or use it to write your own. You can connect with other users via the social tab, and then follow them to get updated whenever they write something new. This is a great feature of Wattpad APK that keeps you connected to the writers you love and helps you improve your own work in the process.

Essentially, the writing app can be used in whichever way you please. It’s full of potential and allows you to keep motivated by being part of a wide community from around the world.

Best Features of Wattpad Android

Reading Lists

Once you’ve got a Wattpad account on Android or elsewhere, you can create a reading list, choose its title, for example: “detective stories,” and get to work adding your writing to it. This is a great way for you to log what you’ve written in an orderly fashion. Moreover, the lists are visible to other users on Wattpad APK, so they can easily get an idea of what kind of work you produce and follow your lists to read your stories.


Update your profile to add information about yourself, including contact details if you’d like, and give other users an idea of who you are, what you write, and what you’re looking for in the Wattpad community.

Connect Social Media

The app allows you to link up your Facebook, Twitter, and more, so that other users can easily connect with you. You can also display a link to your website – a great option for showcasing a WordPress blog, or other service.


Fancy a chat? Connect with other users by sending them messages and then enter the conversations tab to see all ongoing back-and-forths with other users. This is a great way to learn more about other writers in the community, and you can improve your own style by discussing any relevant issues to you.


This tab allows you to search stories by genre, with 30 genres to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something of interest. Once you select a genre, you’ll be taken to sub-genres, which provides another 30 or so options to choose from, depending on the subject. You can also choose to see all the results, or just those that are hot and trending. You can also see the latest uploads by selecting the New tab.


If you hadn’t already gathered, stories in Wattpad for Android are easy to find – they’re also laid out in an eye-catching manner. All stories have a cover, with dedicated users opting to make their cover look more like a proper book cover rather than a shabby second-rate picture. Once you select a title, you’ll be greeting with some key information, including a warning if it contains adult content, including references to violence, sex, drugs, coarse language, and other subjects deemed unsuitable for young readers. Once you’ve read the preview, simply press “Next Part” to continue reading the story.

Wattpad After Dark

Due to the large demand for romance and erotic stories, and to keep them out of Wattpad’s main interface (which has young users to whom the stories may be inappropriate), Wattpad After Dark allows you to browse through all these stories and get some juicy late-night thrillers from fiction. Partner not satisfying your burning urges? Try reading something a few shades greyer on Wattpad After Dark now.

Writing Contests

Prove you’ve got the literary talent to stir millions by entering a Wattpad writing contest. This is a great way to receive recognition and followers within the app and in turn is an effective means of getting noticed by potential publishers. You can win prizes and become famous within the literary world by entering these contests and you can even create your own. Examples include those made by Microsoft, National Geographic, and more.

How Wattpad Works

Once you’ve downloaded Wattpad APK for Android (follow the link in this page to get to Google Play), you can begin writing and sharing stories effortlessly. If you’re wondering how to write a story with Wattpad, don’t worry, it’s simple – you just make an account, then press “Create.” Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how to get more reads on Wattpad, then check out our tutorial section soon for a comprehensive breakdown (we’d recommend starting by prolifically uploading stories and entering contests).

Download Wattpad now and enjoy all these awesome features and more, totally free!