Looking for a film to watch on movie night? Vudu is a collection of more than 100,000 movies and shows to pick from. The app doesn’t charge any monthly subscriptions, although you’ll generally have to pay a small fee to rent them out. That being said, there are also tons of movies available to watch for free on a time-limited basis and with a few ads thrown in for good measure. Nice touch!

If you’re looking for a new movie streaming service without having to pay a monthly fee, then Vudu apk is certainly worth consideration. The app has taken the common streaming theme and done something original with it, and while generally speaking these kinds of ‘rent-a-movie’ services seem redundant and outdated (who would pay $5 to rent a movie when $7.99 gets you a whole month of Netflix?), Vudu still manages to get around this by offering movies for free with ads, meaning you can watch movies without actually having to pay anything.

The choice on the app is pretty impressive – with more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, you’re not going to be struggling for choice – although those free movie selections might not all be getting a solid 8.5 on IMDb, there are still some good choices out there.

Why use the Vudu app on Android?

Given the app’s massive collection of movies and TV shows, the reasons to use it are fairly obvious – that being said, there are pros and cons to this service. One solid pro is that you can catch up on shows you may have missed the night before – they generally cost $1.99 and this part of the service both makes it unique from Netflix and ideal for soap opera addicts and movie nerds alike.

The app is owned by Walmart corporation, which means whenever you buy a DVD in Walmart, you can upload it to the app and watch it for free. This is a great feature for people who still buy DVDs… you know, all those people who exist in some shadowy world within our own.

Vudu is a great shout if you’re looking for a way to supplement or compliment another streaming service like Netflix, Crackle or Hulu. Seeing as you can watch movies for free on the service and use it to catch up with your favorite TV shows. While it’s a great collection of shows and movies, the fact that you’ll have to pay to rent both of it means that you’re probably better off using a monthly subscription-based streaming service as your primary means of getting movies and then using Vudu on the side to ramp things up a bit.

Vudu apk – The Best Bits

Now that you’ve got some idea of what Vudu is and when to use it, let’s have a closer look at the best features of the app, then follow it up with the downsides.


Vudu has a massive collection of movies and TV shows to watch, some free and others paid. The bottom line is, their collection is huge and you can easily catch up with last night’s episode of your favorite TV show if you missed it.


Save on the rent money and buy popcorn instead. Every day you can find hundreds of movies to watch on Vudu for free. This is a great way to spice up movie night – although you can probably guess that you’ll be searching largely through the dregs that no one actually wants to watch – occasionally you’ll find a genuinely decent movie on that free section.


The interface is simple and easy to navigate. You can search for movies and TV shows based on genre, price and more. You won’t struggle to hunt down your favorite movies with Vudu.


Aside from being massive, the movie selection is very up-to-date and even includes titles that haven’t yet been released on DVD and Blue Ray. This means you can get all the latest movies without having to do the terrible post-cinema wait.


You can go up to 4K ultra-HD, or stick to 720p to get a quicker stream. There’s nothing like watching a movie in the best possible resolution. You’ll have to pay a little extra for HD, but the price difference isn’t staggering – an extra dollar or two.


If you want the titles to permanently be in your library, then you can simply buy them outright. Obviously, this is more expensive than renting a movie, but it’ll always be in your Vudu library.

Downsides of Vudu APK

While this app is great for watching movies and catching up with current TV shows, there are still some major drawbacks that can’t really be ignored. First of all, would you really want to pay $5.99 for a new release when you can just throw an extra two dollars to the wind to get a month of Netflix… probably not, right? While the free movies on offer mean that this app is certainly worth downloading, it’s frankly too expensive to use as your default option for watching movies.

Some features that are standard on other streaming sites aren’t always available on Vudu, for example, closed captioning. Another point worth mentioning is that titles you rent aren’t downloaded to your device – instead, they run through your broadband connection. While this means that you’re not taking up space and waiting for a download to finish, it also means that you have to have an internet connection. This sort of defeats some of the situations that you’d want to watch a movie on Android, for example, when you’re commuting.

How to download Vudu apk for Android free

If you’re sold on Vudu, then simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just have to press “Install” to get the app for free. Once it’s on your Android device, simply open it and make an account, then you can see all the movies on offer. Happy streaming, folks!