If you’re looking to open up the Internet and access websites otherwise blocked in your country, then a VPN is an essential piece of software that will not only mask your IP address and make you anonymous online, but will also encrypt your data to stop trackers, hackers and agencies from viewing what websites you visit, your personal information, and your location.

A VPN – virtual private network – will protect you while you’re online and ensure that your data cannot be used against you for malevolent purposes. The software was first used by corporations to protect business secrets and corporate espionage, and they are still very popular in the world of business today. Once governments began blocking websites they became more popular with everyday internet users to have free and open internet. They’re also popular among users looking to access streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that aren’t available in their country, as well as to securely download torrents.

If you’re worried about your privacy and security online, then having a VPN is an essential step to addressing those valid concerns. That being said, not all VPNs are the same, and some have much better security than others. To ensure that you’re getting the most secure VPN that won’t log your data, leak your IP address, and leave you vulnerable to attacks, it’s worth doing a fair bit of research into each provider and making an informed decision accordingly.

What is VPN Master apk?

As far as the software goes, VPN Master apk isn’t one of the best – in fact, it’s a low-security VPN that doesn’t offer many servers and has slow connection speeds, making it an unfavorable choice if security is your primary concern. This is counterbalanced somewhat by the fact that it is a cheap option and can allow you to get around online censorship.

While security is often one of the primary reasons users want to purchase a VPN, this particular one doesn’t seem to provide adequate assurances to users that they can actually encrypt their data without it being leaked.

The service is free on Android and iOS, and offers unlimited usage, which is more than many other companies can say – however, like with any free VPN, the whole reason you want to use it is often offset by the fact that its a poor service that doesn’t meet expectations.

VPN Master apk is based in the US and provides support staff in the event that the software isn’t working properly. Unfortunately, the staff don’t appear to know much about the VPN or its features, and they’re not very responsive.

VPN Master apk – The Positives

While the service is lacking in depth, there are some redeeming features and depending on what you’re using a VPN for, it might actually be enough to satisfy you.


It has 14 servers in different countries, meaning that you can get around state-imposed censorship and view websites from all around the world. This is great for users in countries with poor internet freedom.


Peer-to-peer sharing such as torrenting is a common reason why users want a VPN. Seeing as torrenting is generally illegal, having a VPN active when doing it is a good step in protecting yourself online. VPN Master allows you to do this, meaning that for torrenting users, you’re getting a good deal.


If you’re using VPN Master for Android and iOS, then the service is totally free and you get unlimited usage – this is obviously the most attractive feature that has drawn many users to them.


As mentioned before, the encryption shows no evidence of being fool-proof, which will turn away serious users, but the protection it can offer for public WiFi networks shouldn’t be overlooked. It’ll at least make you a less desirable target for potential attackers.

VPN Master – Flaws

Unfortunately, this section is going to be longer than the one above. As to be expected from any free VPN software, the service lacks essential features and has questionable security. Hardcore internet users ought to stay away from this.


Your data will have more protection than if you weren’t using a VPN, that’s for sure, however, how much more is a delicate question. The encryption provided by VPN Master can’t be guaranteed to work at all times and leaks are likely. This makes it a poor choice for those who need 100% guarantees that their data isn’t going to be compromised.


All VPNs slow you down because all of your data is rerouted through their server before it gets to where it needs to go. However, some are faster than others, and while VPN Master works pretty well on some sites, it’s very slow on others. A key point to note here is that watching Netflix with VPN Master isn’t a comfortable ordeal.


A kill switch is an option to set up that monitors your IP address and connection and automatically disconnects you from the internet if it sees any change that could suggest your IP address has been leaked and your privacy thus compromised. A kill switch is an essential security procedure when using a VPN as it ensures that you’re always secure and anonymous – without it, you could be picked up on by anyone.


There are no positive mentions of VPN Master’s customer support online. They’re slow to respond and don’t appear to know about the service they provide.

How to Download VPN Master apk for Android

To get this VPN software on your Android device for free, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken straight to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to have your privacy and security ramped up a bit.

While we wouldn’t recommend this VPN for anyone seeking flawless security and privacy, for those just looking to get around censorship and have a bit more security while on public WiFi networks (which on your phone is most of the time), we would at least recommend you try this free VPN while you consider a better one to purchase.