Vigo Video – formally Hypstar apk – is a creative app that allows users to make, edit and share short videos with their friends and the wider community. Following the success of photo sharing apps such as lnstagram and Snapchat, video sharing apps were the logical next step in the social media pyramid. While other apps focus on live streaming or lip-synching, Vigo has labelled itself as more of a funny video sharing platform, although users are free to make and share anything they want.

The app doubles up as a video editing software and a social media platform, allowing you to stay in touch with family and friends in a more fun and creative way, rather than just sending them a picture. We all like seeing videos of our loved ones, they make us feel closer to the action and more alive in the moment – that’s the aim of the Vigo Video app: to connect people through short videos.

Why use Vigo Video?

Vigo Video doesn’t just connect you with people you already know, you can follow anyone from around the world and stay up to date with the videos they share. This makes it great for following interests as well as for discovering about new cultures and getting inspiration from everything from comedy to cooking.

In a world of information overload, you might as well ditch that depressing AF news app and replace it with something that allows you to watch amateur stand-up from India, some doing a backflip off a car in South Carolina, or someone making a short video about their town in South Korea.

Aside from being able to feed your appetite for creativity and inspiration – and have a few laughs along the way – Vigo Video is bloody great for procrastinating (note: always procrastinate responsibly, never procrastinate and drive). There’s nothing better to kill time than watching short and concise videos about all sorts of mumbo-jumbo.

You can also use the editing tools and sticker collection to make your videos funny and even decorate them to celebrate festive occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

Best Features of Vigo Video APK

Share Videos

Find funny and interesting stuff online and share it with the wider community. Make your own videos and see how many people appreciate them. Send short videos to your friends to brighten up their day and yours. Sharing short videos is lots of fun and having an app dedicated entirely to it is basically the best thing that will ever happen to you – warp your mind, forget about all the other apps, and make short videos constantly, like a hamster running on a wheel. Yes, keep going, you belong to Vigo now.


With Vigo Video apk, you can connect with other users all around the world and follow them if you like their videos. Make friends with creators and get inspired by their unique work. Build your own channel based around an interest you hold and gain a global following of like minded individuals. The potential for connection on Vigo is huge, so dive in and give it a shot 🙂


Take on daily challenges to keep yourself both entertained and fresh. Use new shooting methods, angles, and video styles to stop yourself from getting bored of doing the same old thing. This is a great way to keep things original and test you to try new and creative things. You’ll love it – frankly, every app of this nature should do these kinds of challenges!


Apply the latest and best new music, or the priceless classics as background tracks for your videos. Show off your talents in style and let your audience know what kind of music you love. Adding music into your videos is a great way to spice up the content and make things more entertaining. Try it out and see what you think.


Send short videos to your friends in private – not everyone needs to see everything, after all! Send some raunchy hilarity to your partner, or something cool and exciting with your friends. Show off a scene from a football game, carnival, a concert, a BBQ or your hiking trip. Happiness is only real when shared, after all.

Link to Social Media

Share cool videos on social media so that the rest of your friends can also watch them. Spread the love, spread the joy. Make sure your friends who work in an office aren’t bored to death by the monotony of a 9-5 existence. They secretly want to die, try and bring them back into the light by showing them a video of a cat or someone doing a backflip. No, only kidding, but really, why not share cat videos? Give me one reason.

How to Download Vigo Video on Android

To get Vigo Video on Android, simply press the download button and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install it for free. Simples. Once the app is on your device, you can open it up, make an account, and get to making and sharing videos.

Vigo Video Flames: And How to Get Them

Vigo Flames are the in-app currency that the app awards users for making popular content. Each one is worth a small amount of real money. You can earn it from entering challenges and other stuff.

To get lots of flames, try making your videos in the same style as the most popular trending videos with loads of flames. Imitation is the highest form of flattery for a reason. Spice up your videos using the filters available and you’ve got even more chance of success. Ultimately, if you don’t want to partake in challenges, but just want to make interesting videos of your own hobbies, then do that, but try your best to make them engaging and well-produced. Imagine that you were the one watching them – what would you think?

Most importantly of all, enjoy Vigo Video as much as you can – it’s probably never going to be your primary income anyway, so just use it to have fun, that’s the key!