You might already know of at least one app for downloading videos from YouTube. Big names like TubeMate, KeepVid and SnapTube do a fantastic job of converting videos into MP3 and high-definition downloads. So how can any of them really stand out from one another? VidMate has found the answer to that question. By incorporating live TV channels into their service VidMate successfully managed to offer more than any other video converter app. They also manage to break a fair amount of copyright laws along the way, but nonetheless, their service is completely legal and safe to use.

What is VidMate?

VidMate is an app to download videos from YouTube and other websites like YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion and Instagram. In a very successful effort to stand out from the crowd, VidMate began allowing its users to watch live TV shows from more than 200 of the world’s most popular channels.

To date, Vidmate app has been downloaded more than 500 million times over the last five years, making it the most arguably the most popular and longest running video converter app. It also comes with an inbuilt browser meaning you don’t have to leave the app while browsing the web. This multi-purpose element VidMate makes it an extremely convenient .apk to have on your device.

One other prominent feature of VidMate is that it can be used to download movies from the web. Users should be careful to avoid downloading pirated content when downloading movies, as this is not legal and can land you in trouble. However, if it’s legal to download then you can enjoy it safe and sound on your device, even when you’re offline.

If you’re more of a TV person then rejoice! VidMate allows you to watch live TV streams from more than 200 of the world’s most popular TV channels so you don’t have to worry about missing your favourite programmes – watch them on the go while you’re on your way to work, on a break or relaxing in bed.

VidMate is our favourite app to download videos from YouTube on Android and other devices – give it a go today.

Besides, you can easily download videos from Dailymotion with Vidmate apk.

How to download VidMate .apk for Android

Due to Google’s strict copyright terms, VidMate can’t be accessed on the Play Store. That’s not an issue though, if you’re using an Android device with a newer software than Android 2.2 then you can easily download VidMate by pressing the button at the bottom of this article – first, you’ll have to go to your Settings > Security – “Allow unknown sources”. This will allow your device to install apps not officially licenced by Google on the Play Store. Once the file has downloaded, go to your “Downloads” in your device’s files and open it, then run it – accept the terms. You can now begin downloading all your favourite songs and converting your favourite music videos into MP3 files and listen to them offline.

How to download VidMate .apk for PC/Windows

In order to download VidMate .apk for PC/Windows, you’ll have to first install an Android emulator software. We recommend BlueStacks – simply go on the BlueStacks official website via Google and install it, then you can follow the link in this article to go to VidMate, install it, and then once it’s downloaded right click it and select “Open in BlueStacks”, With the app open here you’ll be able to use it as though you were on an Android device.

Best features of VidMate

VidMate stands out from other video converters by adding in more unique elements than any other similar app. They do a great job making the app as useful and easy to use as they can. Here are some of our favourite things about VidMate.

Watch live TV

VidMate allows you to watch live TV from more than 200 channels including entertainment, sport, movies, fashion and cartoons. You never have to miss another episode of your favourite TV show.

Download movies

VidMate makes downloading movies safe and easy. You don’t have to rely on torrent software anymore as you can download movies straight from the stream itself. You can then store them on your phone, tablet or laptop and watch them later when you’re offline.

Easy to use

All of VidMate’s cool features can be accessed without a hassle. The app is very simple to navigate and allows you to organise your downloads in a convenient way. You can also make playlists to arrange your videos and music.

Free to use

While most video converter and downloader apps are free, VidMate’s additional features make its lack of price-tag something worthy of praise. The app’s developers could easily have charged a premium for users to watch live TV channels.

Inbuilt browser

This is great as it means you never really have to leave the app. You can access YouTube and other sites while only keeping one tab open on your device. You can even do your daily browsing through the app – this allows for more processing power and convenience by keeping everything under one roof instead of over multiple applications.


With more than 500 million downloads over a five year period, Vidmate certainly has a trustworthy foundation. You can rest assured that the app is not going to deliver any malware to your phone or tablet. It’s also a good indicator that the app actually does its job.

The Final Verdict

VidMate takes downloading videos to a whole new level by allowing you to save pretty much anything on the web onto your device and watch it later offline. It’s free, it works like a BMW and you can watch as much TV on it as you want.

If you’re looking for your new favourite app to download videos from YouTube on Android or any other device, then this is certainly something you should be putting on your wishlist. Try it out today to make the most of the internet’s number one video downloader app.