If you’re using the latest version of Facebook then you’re well aware of the amount of video content on the app these days. So much content is doing the rounds now that they’ve introduced a whole Video section – alongside a marketplace. These new features further cement Facebook as the king of social media and make the whole thing much more binge worthy. After all, there’s nothing like scrolling through endless short videos as opposed to doing more productive things.

But what if you want to watch these videos when you’re not online? Well, with Video Downloader for Facebook, you can with ease. The app is very simple and allows users to easily get videos from the social networking site onto their Android devices.

Install Video Downloader for Facebook App Free

Compared to other apps on the market that fulfil the same function, Video Downloader for Facebook has more straightforward interface and is purpose designed to perform one task and one task only: Getting videos off the app and into your Android. From there you’re free to share them on other platforms, transfer them onto external storage or devices and watch them offline when you’ve not got any internet connection.

This simplicity is what makes the Video Downloader for Facebook app one of the most popular of its kind among Android users. In this review, we’ll outline how the app works, its best features, and how to install it.

How Video Downloader for Facebook Works

Once you’ve installed the app, open it and you’ll be able to browse through Facebook within it via the in-built browser. This means that you don’t even have to have the Facebook app open or installed to download all your favorite videos.

Have a look through your news feed and select any video you want to keep, then press play on it and the app will give you the option to download the video, press “Yes” and it will be downloaded into the app where you can then store it in your Android files. It’s that simple. In fact, it’s so simple that anyone could use it, regardless of whether they’re tech savvy or not.

To use this app you’ll need to log into your Facebook through the app and this may cause a privacy concern for some users – this isn’t something you should dwell on, as the app can’t take your login details through this method. The app is trusted by more than 1,000,000 positive Google Play Store reviews with the average rating bordering the 5-star mark.

The trustworthy nature of the Video Downloader for Facebook apk app for Android makes it a premium choice for anyone looking to save content offline. What’s more, the app is totally free to use, and while it offers in-app purchases to remove ads, this isn’t something that you’ll have to consider as for the most part it’s totally usable with the free version. The ads in the app are what you’d expect from any other app of this nature and therefore they shouldn’t bother you if you’re used to using free Android apps that also contain advertisements.

If you’re looking for a simple app that fulfils its function effectively, then Video Downloader for Facebook is a great choice to go for – let’s take a closer look at some of the top features of this app.

Best Features of Video Downloader for Facebook


The app is one of the quickest ways to get videos off of Facebook and onto your device. Due to the fact that it opens a browser within the app itself and doesn’t require any running around you can get your videos much faster than if you used an alternative link copy and paste service.


There’s no easier way to download videos from Facebook than with this app – it’s instant and requires only the press of a button to activate. Rather than scouring the web for shady looking sites that probably contain malware, just use this service instead for peace of mind when downloading.


On the topic of peace of mind, it has to be noted that Video Downloader for Facebook is on Google Play Store, meaning that you don’t have to download it from any shady third party sources that could contain spyware, adware or even viruses. The app also has more than a million reviews on Google Play, so don’t worry about it not being trusted and tested.


Okay, so it contains ads and in-app purchases, but you won’t need to buy anything or provide any details in order to use the app (save for signing into your Facebook account). The actual operation of Video Downloader for Facebook is totally free of charge for anyone to use.


You can do all your browsing through the app’s inbuilt browser. Not that you don’t already have your own browser to do that with, but with this one you can download videos from various places online – try it out now.

How to Install Video Downloader for Facebook App for Android

To get this great app, simply press the download button at the top of this article and you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store where you can download the app for free. Press the “install” button to begin the process. Once it’s on your Android, just open it and sign into your Facebook to begin browsing through your feed and selecting videos to download for free.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know a bit more about the Video Downloader for Facebook app on Android, press the download button at the top of this page to get it on your device. This is without doubt one of the best Facebook video downloader apps on the market and using it will make your life online more convenient with the ability to take videos from various sources for free.

We hope you found this review informative and helpful. Swing by again soon for more great apps and games!