The great thing about owning an Android is the freedom to customize the device and download applications from third-party sources. An application doesn’t have to be on the Google Play Store for you to download it. This is a very nice touch and the reason Android has such a large and devoted user base. The latest version of YoWhatsApp is another great third-party application for Android that takes the existing WhatsApp app and gives it a few extra useful features. This isn’t the only application that improves the features of an original app.

What does YoWhatsApp have for us?

First of all, let’s take a look at what the app has to offer.  There are a few improvements made from the WhatsApp we know that users will fall in love with. These improved features will make using the app more convenient for users. Some of the features let us wonder what the actual development team of WhatsApp is doing while these independent creators are doing what they are supposed to do.

The most notable improvement on the app is the privacy settings. With the latest version of the application, you can adjust settings of your privacy to the extent where you can choose who can view your status and who can call you over the WhatsApp service. This way you can block your boss when they’re trying to get in touch with you about the missing company vehicle.

Next up is the customization of fonts. I know my eyes are definitely tired of the same old boring text font that I’ve been staring upon since I started using the app in 2011. In the latest version of the app, you can change the font in the application. Some of the emojis from Android’s Oreo is also included in this version as a small touch. Small things matter at the end of the day.

The security of the app is also a bit vamped up. You can set a pin or pattern lock on the application. This prevents your over-possessive girlfriend from snooping through your chats with the prettier girls or your boundaryless mother from seeing what you and your friends got up to the previous night.

Files are another aspect the team of this application did not neglect. The latest version of the application allows users to send more file types and in larger sizes than before. Users have reported that the overall speed of the app is also quicker than the original.  You can now send ZIP files and maximum file size has been increased to 700mb.

Download the latest version of YoWhatsApp

The latest version of the app s free to download for all Android users. Unfortunately, the application is not available on the Play Store. However, you can download YoWhatsApp by clicking on the download button on this page. The app is legal to use, seeing that it operates in a gray area in the legal dimension. Remember to change the settings on your device to allow third-party downloads.