Looking to transfer files across devices, but don’t want to hammer into your data package? Well, Xender is the app for you. The latest version of Xender apk for Android features transfer speeds 200 times that of Bluetooth and doesn’t take any mobile data to use – that’s right, none.

It does this by utilizing your phone’s WiFi hotspot to connect to the receiving device. This means that you don’t use mobile data, or Bluetooth, or NFC. It’s sort of like AirDrop, only easier to use. This is a simple and effective way to transfer unlimited amounts of data between close-by devices. Of crouse, the main drawback here is that you can’t send files over long distances. You’ll have to be in the vicinity of the device that you’re transferring data to. This makes it ideal to use between friends or in the office.

Share anything with Xender

There’s no limit to what you can send with the latest version of Xender. Music, videos, files, even apps – you can send it all on this quick and simple data transfer software, free for Android. Regardless of what device you’re sending to (iOS, Windows, Android, etc.), Xender can transfer data without restriction. You don’t have to have the same device as the recipient.

When we say there’s no limit to the amount of data that can be transferred on Xender, we really mean no limit. You can go into the GB if you want. What’s more, you can send them at lightning fast speeds thanks to the innovative WiFi hotspot method of data transfer – there’s no quicker way to send files between devices.

Other cool features of Xender

Once you’ve received files from someone on Xender, you can use the app to move them around and even back them up in case you need to free up space by deleting them. This is a great way to manage the files on your device and certainly elevates Xender over other data-sharing applications.

Once you’ve connected to a friend’s phone with the latest version of Xender, you can check out all the apps they have on their device and have them shared to you with a simple click. This is a great way to keep up to date on the latest trends that your friends are playing around with.

The interface really is designed for simplicity. For example, you can share photos simply by sliding them. This makes sharing files easy and smooth when using the app and ensures that you can quickly get what you need. This, plus the ultra-fast sharing on Xender, makes it the idea data sharing app for Android users. The 50o million users attest to that fact, too.

Download the latest version of Xender apk for Android

To get all these great features and more, simply press the download button at the top of this page to be taken to the Google Play Store where you can get the latest version for free.

Once you’ve got Xender on your phone, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to share files with friends and colleagues before.