WWE Mayhem apk is currently one of the leading fighting games on Android, and certainly one of the top wrestling games. Download it now for a full-on WWE action game like you see on TV.

The graphics in this game are humorously cartoonish, which certainly provides a fun element – but don’t be fooled, the physics engine is dynamic, it looks seriously real and fresh. Each move has devastating results that you can really feel.

Choose to play as the famous wrestlers you saw on TV when you were young, including The Rock, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Triple H, Seth Rollins, Undertaker, and more. Take them out in the ring and put them up against each other to punch, kick, smash, and wrestle one another into submission.

There are global leader boards and frequent tournaments so you can go up against other players all over the world and prove that you’re the best wrestler out there. Go online against friends, and win prizes in tournaments to upgrade your fighters.

This is a truly unique wrestling game, entering new territory for WWE, where the cartoonish feel will have you craving for more.

Best Features of WWE Mayhem – latest version


Play as your favorite superstars from WWE wrestling. Take them out in the ring and cause devastation to your opponents. You can get the feel for each of the ferocious superstars, and then choose the ones you want to make up your team.


Everything is better when it’s free. WWE Mayhem comes with some in-app paid features, but in general, it’s free to play. It doesn’t come with ads, so don’t worry about that.


The physics in the game are impressive, and your moves look very cool. This makes the gameplay all the more fun. Try out the unique special moves to rain power down on your opponent like a sea of holy fire.


Compete online against other players to claim your position in the leaderboards and win real life prizes for your stunning efforts.


Explore the different game modes like PVP, Teams, RAW, cage fights, and more. There are also weekly events for you to participate in, just like in real life.

Download WWE Mayhem – latest version – Free

To download the latest version of WWE Mayhem on your Android device, simply press the button at the top of the article, and the process will begin. It’s totally free and you don’t have to sign up for anything.

When in the game, try not to “button-bash” too much. Instead, carefully review and practice combinations of attacks –  the more you hit, the more your ‘rage’ bar will increase. Once it’s full, unleash a massive attack and devastate your opponent.

To attack, simply swipe and press your fingers on the screen. The interface is easy to get your head around, although, with time you’ll become a lot better at delivering more effective attacks.

Try it out now free, and become the top WWE champion of the world!