VSCO is a camera and photo editing app that has made massive waves on Instagram as well as in the photography world. VSCO is a freemium app that offers some basic features for the free version, and many more with its paid counterpart.

It features a massive list of preset filters, based on film cameras. You can make your photos look moody and vintage with ease, while not looking over edited. VSCO offers more subtle filters that don’t scream “I’m using a preset filter because I don’t know how to shoot properly.”

The app has a built-in social feature that allows users to follow other photographers and see their work, as well as what preset filters they used to create it. This is a great app for anyone who wants an effective photo editing software to edit their shots.

You can upload your work onto the app’s feed and have others review it, or you can simply use it as an editing shop, then export the photos and upload them to Instagram or Facebook.

This app gained massive popularity after people started noticing that their friend’s Instagram pages were featuring lots of ‘moody’ photos. Try it now and see what results you get.

Best Features of the latest version of VSCO


The preset filters are, at first glance, the biggest plus of the app. While only around a dozen are free to begin with, you can unlock more by paying a small monthly fee. The filters are varied and really bring out atmosphere in your shots. They are all based on film camera effects.


Beyond the preset filters come the editing tools. These are better suited to those who have an idea of how to use such things – if you’re an amateur, then you might be better off sticking to the presets at first. Once you’re confident in your abilities to edit photos, you can use the preset filters to get stunning results with ease.


The ability to connect with other photographers within the app brings out a whole new level of interaction and inspiration for users and is a great little add-on that no one else seems to be doing yet. Explore it to find other users whose work you admire.


The app is well laid out and easy to use. All the commands are simple enough and importing and editing photos can be done with ease. Five minutes playing around with VSCO and you’ll be comfortable using all the features.


While the paid version of VSCO is understandably better than its free counterpart, you can still make great use of the latest version of VSCO without having to dig into your wallet. Try it out for a while and see if you think it’s worth paying for in the long run.

Download the latest version of VSCO on Android now, free

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