File sharing through torrents is one of the most revolutionary advancements of our technological age. Instead of paying for music, movies or TV series, you can just download a torrent of one. uTorrent is a BitTorrent application that uses the p2p (peer to peer) protocol to share files. Rather than downloading a file from a single server it splits the file into smaller pieces and uses a multithread to retrieve the file from multiple places at once, a.k.a. seeding. Today you can use hundreds of good torrenting apps, but there is one well-known application that stands out above the rest. uTorrent is the best free mobile BitTorrent application that is on the market today.

How to use the uTorrent APK

Using the app is fairly effortless. After installing the application, the first step would be to find torrents you want to download. This can be easily done by just searching for the best torrent sites and trying them out one-by-one until you find one that you find reliable and easy to use. Once you have the file you want to download, click on the magnet link and the uTorrent application will automatically launch. Once launched a big circle will appear alongside the file name. The circle will appear blue at first as your files are busy downloading and turn green once finished. Just by holding down the circle you can select to pause/stop the torrent. Once finished downloading, it will switch to seeding the files for other users. Clicking on any torrent whether it’s busy downloading or completed, allows users to access the file locations.

uTorrent features

  • There are no speed or file size limits.
  • uTorrent has wifi only mode. This feature sets the app to only download when your mobile device is connected to wifi. Therefore, you save your mobile data when downloading larger files.
  • An integrated media player allows users to play back video and audio files.
  • A great interface makes the use of the application easy and above all, makes managing your torrent files painless.

uTorrent Pro

For all the hardcore torrent users out there. The app has a paid version that makes torrenting even more comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Windows users. Consequently, this may upset some of our friends out there who own Apple computers. uTorrent Pro replaced the premium version and some of the extra features you receive are:

  • Battery saving settings.
  • Stream videos before they are finished downloading. (This is still in beta, so you may encounter small problems)
  • Added anti-virus protection.
  • Users receive early access to new features.
  • uTorrent Pro has no ads to interfere with your pleasant experience using the application.
  • uTorrent Pro provides full customer support for its users.

In conclusion

uTorrent is a brilliant mobile app, that saves a lot of people a lot of money. The application has a very user-friendly interface and great features that accompany the free version of the app. uTorrent Pro adds even more useful features and provides customers with full client support. Overall using uTorrent is elementary and like most applications, users will get the swing of it just by playing around a bit.

So now don’t hesitate to download uTorrent apk latest version right here!