If you’re a bit appearance challenged and can’t post a pic online without people asking for a cringe emoji to be added to the reaction list, this app might help you. there are more than enough editing applications available for download on Android today. Some of them, like this one, specializes in selfie editing. Ulike will make your ugly mug a bit more presentable to the rest of the world. I mean it’s hard enough to look at you in real life, I don’t want to see that thing on social media as well.

Why I like Ulike

Ulike is an application that does the work of the Lord when it comes to selfie editing. Although, Instagram has editing features that enable users to make some minor alterations to their photos. This, however, is not enough for self-conscious highschool girls. Ulike latest version gives you the ability to edit pictures in more detail. You can change your skin tone, make it smoother and even change the shape of your face.

The filters you’ll find on the app is not as extensive as those you would find on Instagram, but they are very detailed. The filters on the application make the pictures look more vibrant and natural. Thanks to the great editing features of the application acne are now just a problem when you carry your face around in public. At least people far away that only see you on social media will never know until they are unfortunate enough to meet you in person.

The app is easy to use and the interface makes accessing the features fairly easy. Editing applications aren’t of much use if it’s difficult to use them. Thankfully this isn’t the case with Ulike. Users will find the features easy to navigate and switch between. Learning to use the application will take only a few minutes and a couple of pictures.

Out of all the great things of the Ulike application, there is one that stands out far above the rest. What is something you never see in other apps of the same nature? Well, other editing applications usually cost a f*$#load of money. Ulike is truly unique when you consider that it’s completely free. Downloading the application is free, there is no sign-up that you have to pay for and lastly, there is no in-app purchases or upgrades. Everything is included in the free app. Even that isn’t so amazing when you see that there are no ads in the app. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Ads is the default method for making money when something is free, but not in Ulike. I respect this immensely.

Download Ulike latest version now!

Ulike is a great application for users who are looking for an easy way to edit pictures and post them online. The application is easy to use and does a great job in making you look more human than you are in reality. I would recomend clicking on the download button if you’re a dedicated social media user. Otherwise, I would tell you to download the application just because it’s free. Yes no payments from your part to receive all the features. No paying just to remove the irritating advertisements which bless 99% of all free applications. This app is free and better than that it actually works.