Social Media is the home of meal pictures, inspirational quotes and fake news. Twitter is a social media titan that revolutionized the industry with its unique connecting method. Today more than 350 million people use the platform to keep their family, friends and fans updated on events that happen in their lives. Twitter has become the primary place to find news and announcements. Where Instagram is used to communicate and share memories through pictures and Facebook uses more lengthy posts. Twitter is a feed of small messages that relay news or just the thoughts of users.


The famous blue bird needs no introduction to most of us, but for those who were frozen alongside Captain America for the past 70 years here’s how tweeting works. A tweet is a small message or piece of information users share on Twitter. The interface is a feed of tweets from other users that you follow. You can add a video link or picture to your tweet in order to supplement the information you share. Tweets are limited in characters to keep them short and to the point.

The character limitation prevents dragged out, uninteresting, long stories from clogging up your feed and wasting your time. One tweet is allowed to be no longer than 280 characters, so stick to the point when tweeting.


Short tweets have made Twitter a hub for the sharing of news. The application is a great way to stay updated on what’s going on in the world and the lives of celebrities. You can follow the top news outlets and read in short if it’s worth your attention before clicking a link to the full story. In 2016 Twitter received huge traffic during the American presidential campaign. Donald Trump loves the platform and uses it every day to show his countrymen what is on his mind. Although, this tends to upset some of them on a day to day basis.

Other celebrities are also fond of Twitter because the app allows them to share information quickly and on-the-go, in their busy schedules. Fans, in turn, can keep up with the lives of their idols and see what the rich and famous get up to as we wander through our depressing, mediocre existence. On Twitter, news can spread across the world in seconds whereas, on other sites like Facebook, you have to sift through other long and boring posts before you eventually find something noteworthy.

Download Twitter

So, if you’ve read this far for some unknown reason. It’s probably because you really had no idea what Twitter was. Download the application by pressing the green button above and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store for Android where you can install the application totally free. The application is trustworthy because it is checked by the Google team before they put it on the Play Store. Download Twitter now and step out of the Stone Age into our modern world. Stay up-to-date with your idols, politicians and world events on one single app that’s easy to use.