You must have been living in a cave if you haven’t heard of Temple Run. The game, and the sequel, Temple Run 2, have together been downloaded more than a billion times. This makes it one of the most successful games of all time and certainly one of the biggest titles to play on Android devices.

The gameplay in the latest version of Temple Run 2 is as straightforward as the first installment of the classic game: you just have to control the character as he endlessly runs through a temple complex being chased by a giant monkey called the Chuchank (as opposed to the three smaller monkeys in the first game).

You’ll have to control the character to take turns as quickly as you can, as well as jump over various obstacles like broken bridges, swirling blades, shooting fire streams and zip lines. The game’s central premise is still that of endless runner, although the gameplay is now more challenging and intense. The other major addition is the new ability to save yourself from death by using green gems, which can be attained through gameplay, or by watching ads, or by purchasing them using real money.

Best Features of Temple Run 2

When playing the latest version of Temple Run 2, you’ll be kept busy and engaged by the various great features offered. Let’s get the microscope out and have a closer look.


The graphics in Temple Run 2 are much improved since the first installment of the game. Players will be thrilled by the detailed giant ape trying to rip them into a thousand pieces like a ragdoll. The temple environment looks more realistic than ever before in the latest version of Temple Run 2 and this also helps to put players into the heart of the action.

Green Gems

As mentioned above, the ability to collect green gems and then use them to bring yourself back to life whenever you die is another cool feature of this second installment in the classic game. It means that you can play for longer without having to worry about dying and losing all your hard earned points. This was one of the most frustrating things about the first Temple Run game as you’d work for ages then someone would bump into you on the train and BAM! your points were gone and you were trying to resist the urge to throw them off at the next stop.


It’s no longer just the same old temple. In the latest version of Temple Run 2, you’ll get to explore beautiful beach fronts, treasure-filled caves, elaborate temples, and more. The game will take you on a trip to new locations that were not featured in the original version of the game – and you’ll love it.

Download the latest version of Temple Run 2 for Android

So, if you’re looking for the very best in endless runner action, then get Temple Run 2 on your Android for free now. To download the latest version of Temple Run 2, simply press the download button at the top of the page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press the Install button to get in on the action. Enjoy!