If you’ve ever thought about rooting your device, or if you’ve already rooted it, then SuperSU is an app that you can’t ignore. Actually, it’s essential for a rooted device as it gives you superuser control over your device. This means that you can manually control the features on your rooted Android, including changing the operating system and giving out – and restricting – permissions for root apps.

Unless you want every root app you install to have full root access to your device, then you damn well better install SuperSU. Also, sometimes apps installed in tandem can cause malfunctions on your device, causing it to brick and never work again. To avoid this, SuperSU will ensure that the root apps will work with your device, thus saving you from having to make a trick to the phone shop only to be told that rooted devices are no longer accepted under warranty.

Why Root Your Android?

Let’s go over this before we move on. If you’re planning on rooting your Android device, then you should know a couple of things about the process, the risks, and the benefits of doing it.

The Good

Rooting your device means that you can have superuser control over it (and this requires SuperSU apk). This means you have control over every aspect of your device, including the OS, what apps are allowed to be installed on it, how much power the CPU uses, and more.

When you’ve rooted your device, you can download the latest Android updates before they’re officially available. You can also install lots of root apps that allow you to do cool stuff like overclock your CPU, block numbers from calling you, freeze apps in the background to dramatically increase battery life, and more.

The Bad

Rooting always carries risks. During the process, there is always a small chance that you’ll brick your phone or tablet. What’s more, any root app you install on your device after rooting could gain root access to your device – and that’s way more power than you want any app to ever have. This is where SuperSU comes in handy – it allows you to monitor these apps and decide how much access they have.

Should You Download the latest version of SuperSU apk?

If you’ve not rooted your Android device, no. If you have, then you’d be stupid not to. Basically, rooting gives you a box with superuser keys in it and SuperSU allows you to pick up those keys and actually use them. Without a root management app like SuperSU, you’re leaving your device open to all sorts of attacks from every direction.

It’s standard procedure to download SuperSU after rooting your Android device. Unless you’re really a tech geek and know what you’re doing (which let’s face it, you probably don’t), then you should definitely¬†download the latest version of SuperSU apk for your rooted Android device in order to make the most of it.

To get the latest version of SuperSU apk, simply press the download button at the top of this page. Enjoy your rooted access to Android!