What do we love more than shooter games in which we can riddle our enemies with bullets? Endless runner games of course. There’s something inherently satisfying about being caught in a high-speed chase with only our reflexes to save us from imminent death.

Much like the infamous Temple Run saw us running away from evil demon monkeys, Subway Surfers latest version is a high speed “surf” away from the moody train inspector and his rabid dog. The formula is the same and works just as well. If it’s not broken there’s certainly no need to fix it. Subway Surfers is arguably just as popular as Temple Run, if not more.

There’s certainly something supremely addictive about this style of gameplay. Maybe its the fact that it doesn’t require too much thought or brainpower. Or maybe it’s the nature of constantly dying, being reborn and battling to beat your old score. Either way, endless runner games are here to stay and if you haven’t already we recommend getting your hands on this game.

Neat features


One of the most pleasing features of the game are the bright and colorful graphics that pop out from the screen. It takes away from the intensity of being nabbed by the grumpy old train inspector and provides a fresh, fun environment to play in.

Simple gameplay

There’s nothing overly complex or challenging about Subway Surfers. It follows the basic runner style which is proven to be highly addictive. This makes it a perfect time kill as there’s no need to follow a plot or progress in the same way you would with a classic RPG.

It’s free

If anything can convince a person to download and play a game, it’s the price tag. We all love a free meal (or anything free for that matter), and one need not worry about paying a premium for a game such as this. There are in-app purchases that can be used to buy coins and upgrade equipment, but this can also be bypassed with apps like Lulubox if you’re really adamant on maintaining your name as a penny pincher.


You don’t have to worry about anything malicious or unsavory with Subway Surfers latest version. Unlike Roblox, it’s safe to let your child enjoy this game without fear of other people communicating with them online. Although your child may not particularly benefit from time spent playing if anything it can keep them occupied for a few hours while you tend to more important adult matters. If you fall into the third category of man-child, this game is also highly suitable for you.

Now that you’re up to speed with one of the most popular games for Android, why not ditch the endless internet surfing for a while and surf the subways in a game that promises to distract you from the trials and trivialities of life. Download Subway Surfers apk today for hours of endless fun. Or, go outside and take a walk. The world really is your oyster.