Sharing large files wasn’t always this easy. This is the stories we’ll be telling our children. In the time before SHAREit, we had to use things we called USB sticks and portable hard drives if we wanted to give our friends large files like movies or music collections. SHAREit provides an easy and fast way to send large files from one mobile device to another.

What is SHAREit?

Here to make the unbearable suffering we named life a little more uncomplicated, is the application called SHAREit. The app makes it possible for users to share large files with each other using a direct wi-fi connection. This drastically speeds up the process. Bluetooth is already being erased from dictionaries around the world and soon, thanks to apps like SHAREit, Bluetooth will join the likes of floppy disks and box-shaped monitors.

How to use SHAREit

SHAREit uses wifi connection to send files between devices. This makes the transfer up to 20 times faster than the conventional Bluetooth method of sharing files. When using SHAREit, it is necessary for both parties to have the application on their device. Select the button to share files, and wait for the application to show the other user on a radar-like display screen. Select the other person and the transfer will begin. As easy as that.  SHAREit’s interface is fairly easy to learn and just by playing around on the application for a while, you’ll have the swing of it in no time.

What makes SHAREit great?

There are more than one thing that makes SHAREit a great application. Putting the already mentioned high speed of transfers aside. The other features that add immense value are:

  • Media player: The app includes a media player for your video and audio files. It’s a quick way to check out files that have just been received.
  • Free: The application is completely free. This might not seem like much, but in the end, it’s an important aspect considering what the app has to offer.
  • Trending music:  In a strange move, the SHAREit app also includes a trending music section where you can discover new music. This doesn’t make sense in any way, but it doesn’t come in the way of the application’s original functions.

Some issues with SHAREit

SHAREit makes sharing files more convenient, but there are some issues with the application that can be attended to.

  • Sometimes the app tends to pause the sharing of files or share them extremely slow. To fix this problem the user needs to abort the sharing and start again.

Wrap up

In the end, SHAREit does have some issues that if the developers put in some effort, can be fixed easily. On the bright side, these issues haven’t occurred to me that often. The benefits outweigh the downsides and the SHAREit application is not just easy to use, it makes our lives somewhat more pleasant. Sending large files through SHAREit is time saved opposed to the ancient form of Bluetooth. Download the SHAREit APK latest version and enhance your comfort in life today.