If you’re looking for a great antivirus, VPN, phone booster and general security app, then the latest version of Security Master apk for Android will be perfect for you.

What’s new about Security Master vlatest?

Formerly known as CM Master, and developed by Clean Master, the app was originally focussed on cleaning out pointless files on your phones in order to make them function quicker and more effectively. Moving forward with the development, the latest version of Security Master now features various elements that secure your device from a number of threats, while also hunting down ones that already exist on your device. The built-in antivirus will routinely scan your device, locating threats and eliminating them in-turn.

What’s more, the app also has a proxy VPN that allows you to visit websites that would usually be geographically blocked in your country, while also masking your IP address and thus keeping all your online activity private. A VPN is an essential tool for anyone concerned with their security and privacy when online. By encrypting your data, a VPN also prevents anyone from being able to read your data and messages while they’re being sent from your device to the receiver. This is an excellent and almost utterly impenetrable way to secure your activity and is essential for businesses and private personal users.

This is just scratching the surface of what Security Master can do. Let’s have a deeper look at some of the Security Master app’s features:

Secure Wifi

The app will scan public WiFi connections to ensure that they are secure and will warn you if it picks up on any looming threats. This is one of the most common ways in which people are attacked by hackers and oftentimes your phone/tablet will automatically connect to public networks – for example, in city centers, airports, cafes and so on.

Anti-theft alarm

The latest version of Security Master apk comes equipped with an innovative anti-theft alarm that sounds if someone tries to pickpocket your phone. It also comes with a selfie feature that snaps a picture if someone tries and fails to unlock your phone. In this way, you can go onto your Security Master account via another device and see the intruder’s face.

Hide message previews

You can also set up your apps to not view message previews so that people can’t easily read your messages when they pick up your phone. This can be done as standard on some of the messaging apps themselves, although it’s useful to have it on all notifications through Security Master.


Another level of security is the ability to lock apps with a PIN code or pattern. This means that people can’t just open your apps and see everything that you’ve been saying to people, or what you’re up to in your free time.

Battery Saver

The app stops background apps from running and draining your battery, which will greatly improve your phone’s overall battery life.

Download the latest version Security Master apk free

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