When it comes to open world game creation systems, Minecraft is probably the most notorious. But there are some other great alternatives that shouldn’t be missed, with features similar to that of the world’s leading sandbox. Download Roblox free APK latest version if you’re fed up of all the Minecraft fanboys, and are looking to branch out into alternative pixelated creation games.

Roblox, which was created by Roblox corporation can be considered more than just a game. In fact, rather than being a single concept, it’s an entire universe. And what makes this game so special is the fact that it isn’t dictated by the main developers. You see, in the wonderful world of Roblox, the thousands of worlds that exist are all user-generated. And further, beyond this, it acts as a gaming social network, with users able to interact through real-time chat and private messaging.

So what can you do in Roblox? Pretty much anything, with your main limiter being your imagination. Build theme parks, create custom avatars, become a superhero or a celebrity. Your avatar can be modified with unique clothing, faces, and gear. The limitless nature of the game is something that is generally celebrated by most avid users, but it has its drawbacks too, which we will explain later.


Naturally, the creative freedom that you’re given in Roblox is a big turn on for many gamers. There is potential to increase your creative capacity and children may also benefit from playing this game, helping develop problem-solving skills in a never-ending world of imagination. It encourages interaction and exploration among the youth, which can only be seen as a good thing. So the real beauty lies in the creative aspect of this game.


No game or piece of software is without its downsides, and Roblox’s drawbacks seem to come from it’s most praised selling point. A double-edged sword if you will. Because the freedom of creation in this game, also results in a large number of dodgy user-generated worlds with glitches, poor graphics, and laggy gameplay. The cause of this problem really comes down to amateur developers. There may also be an issue of safety when it comes to letting your kids play this game. There have been reports of unsavory acts being performed on other players in this virtual space ( quick Google on Roblox can give you the details you need), however, Roblox developers claim they take all steps necessary to filter out inappropriate content.

The bottom line

There are a lot of great reasons to play Roblox for Android latest version, despite the few minor drawbacks that come with it. We really enjoy the freedom of creation in this game and the graphics blend of Lego and Minecraft style avatars is endearing, to say the least. So channel your inner creator, Download Roblox free APK and start building worlds that were only imaginable in your wildest dreams. And if you don’t like it, Minecraft will always be waiting for you with open arms.