As inspiring as the title sounds, the latest version of Rise Up is not a self-help electronic book. Rise Up is a casual mobile game that is meant for all ages. In this game, you play the role of a balloon’s bodyguard. It’s your job to make sure the balloon successfully rises through the levels. While this might sound easy, it becomes a frustrating challenge the further you progress in the game.

What you can expect in the latest version of Rise Up

Like mentioned above, the main goal of the game is to get a balloon through a number of obstacles as it floats up in the sky. You use your finger to act as the guard of the balloon. The balloon will float upwards and towards obstacles that can pop it. The player must then use his finger to knock, push or smash these obstacles out of the way. You will find that this task becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through the levels. The balloon will pop more often and cause those of us that lived through the age of Flappy Bird to get some aggression flashbacks. Yes, the game might sound simple and feel that way in the beginning but that illusion will shatter before your eyes when you move up in the levels.

One downside of the application is something you’ll find with most free games on the Google Play Store… Advertisements. And like most other free games the only way to get rid of them is to make the game not free anymore. On the main screen of the game, there is a button labelled “No Ads”. Pressing this button will take you to the Play Store for the premium version. The ads in the game are very annoying. An advertisement will play every time you start a level, and sometimes you have to restart a lot.

Why download the latest version of Rise Up APK?

Putting the ad-problem aside, the game is simply the closest thing to mobile heroin there is. The game can erase a few hours of your day if you’re not careful. Nevertheless, I would still recommend the game to all casual mobile gamers. The game is great for killing 5-20 minutes when waiting or procrastinating.

Simple interface

The simple interface and menu make jumping into the game fast. The style of the game is also very soothing to the eyes and, although minimalistic, satisfying. The sound of the game is, like the graphics, very elementary but somehow perfect in a sense. The developers can be quite proud of themselves because the game might look basic but playing it is amazing fun.

No ads

We could do without the ads, but hey, everyone in the world needs to make a living somehow. So if they bother you just pay the $2 already and stop complaining. If you’re a stingy bastard, you can root your device with another application called King Root that you can find on this site. Just use it alongside Lucky Patcher and bye bye advertisements on free applications.

The download button above will redirect you to the Google Play Store, where you can download the latest version of Rise Up.