You, like most of the world that has watched Game of Thrones, most likely have dreamed about sitting on the Iron Throne.¬† We all have. Now it’s possible to rule the Iron Throne from your mobile phone. There’s no need to be in King’s Landing to rule Westeros from this day onward. Reigns: Game of Thrones is a mobile game for Android that places you in the shoes of one of the series’ characters. As the Protector of the Realm, you need to make important or trivial decisions to play the game for the throne (anyone here a pun fan?).

Gameplay and story

To our surprise, the game is licensed by HBO. This means that the in-game story and characters are based on the series. You start by playing as Daenerys Stormborn of the house Targaryan and you have the ability to unlock other characters through the decisions that you make. Wouldn’t Tyrion be an amazing King? He’s even a better King when you play as him in the game. Take the story on a new path using your judgment on questions and scenarios that are placed in front of you.

The decisions you take will influence different stats of your Kingdom. Public favour can plummet if you tell the wrong person to go love themselves. The decision making itself is controlled by swiping right and left for positive and negative reactions to people and scenarios. Therefore, this Tinder like control method makes the game very simple and easy to understand. If you happen to get bored just swipe at random, without paying attention and see what happens. The survival of Westeros is on the tip of your thumb.

Unlocking characters

At first, you’ll only have Daenerys to play with but it’s possible to unlock some of your most and least loved characters as you progress through the game. To unlock Tyrion Lannister you simply just need to kill Daenerys accidentally or through some thoroughly planned incompetence.

After you have Tyrion you can unlock Cerci by running her trail as Tyrion. This cycle will go on until you have all the characters. You just need to play as a character a bit and eventually, you’ll have the next one. Money is one of the four important in-game aspects. Make sure to budget carefully because without money the other factors will take a nose dive. Remember that money makes the world go round.

Another great tip for becoming a legendary ruler is that you should focus on the main tasks but try your best to unlock the characters special abilities. Each character has special abilities that’ll make it easier to manage the different aspects of the game.

How to download Reign

Downloading¬†Reigns: Game of Thrones latest version is very easy, thanks to the fact that it’s on the Google Play Store. Click the green download button on this page and you’ll be taken there. The only hitch the game has is that it’s not free. The game will cost you $3.99 which isn’t much considering that HBO licensed the product.