Smartphones are now capable of capturing video in HD, 4K and with stabilization at a reasonable cost. The quality of camera hardware improves significantly year by year. But is crisp footage enough?

We argue no. A quality shot needs a premium editing app to bring a cinematic edge to it. Not only does this add emotion and context to your footage, but it also allows you to stitch shots together for a finished piece that can be used across social media or simply as a personal project. When it comes to video editing apps that embody pure ease of use, nothing does a better job than Quik.

Quik latest version is the brainchild of the GoPro creators, the world’s most popular action camera. It has a bunch of neat features that can turn even the most boring video snippet into an exciting action-packed masterpiece. Check them out below.

Quik features

Choice of themes

This feature brings users the most convenience and is actually really useful. Choose from one of many themes that fit different styles and genres like Bold, Radical, Serene. Each will automatically transition wach of your shots, add music and cut each snippet to the beat. You can, of course, choose a theme and edit aspects of it yourself like the soundtrack and transitions.

Customize video

If you don’t fancy using one of Quik’s awesome themes, you can build your entire project from scratch choosing the clip length, music, rotation, title text and much more. The smart cut feature can also take the best moments from each clip and stitch them together. Alter the frame to fit any form of social media including square or portrait mode for Instagram.

Add videos & photos

Quik latest version lets you add up to 75 videos and photos from your gallery, Dropbox, GoPro device and more. It can also automatically analyze footage from your GoPro (smiles, faces, jumps) to create great moments.

Choose your soundtrack

Choose from over 100 free background tracks for your video provided by Quik, or use one from your own collection. Choose the start and end time of each song or let Quik make the transitions for you automatically. Available formats are MP3, MP4, M4A, MOV, WAV and more.

Is Quik worth it?

For a free app that has so many capabilities, we’re giving it a resounding yes. The ease of use in making super ‘quik’ video edits is definitely the unique selling proposition of this app. We’re sure after downloading Quik latest version this will be a staple in your repertoire of editing apps for years to come.

Making your media pop its head out from the clutter is becoming harder than ever. With so much saturation and noise everywhere you look on social media, you need to take the right measures to be creative and let your content shine. Download Quik for Android today and become the next Tarantino. Well maybe not, but you can trigger envy among your peers by spicing up that sweet footage from your latest holiday.