If you’re looking for a solid free VPN then the latest version of Psiphon Pro apk for Android is the one for you. We’re usually pretty hard on free VPNs – they can actually be very dangerous for your privacy as many of them log your data and sell it on to third parties and oftentimes the companies responsible for their development are invisible.

This isn’t the case with Psiphon Pro. With this free VPN, you get exactly what it says on the tin and nothing more or less. Psiphon Pro promises to grant you access to an open internet free of censorship and it does just that. It also promises to increase your security on public WiFi networks such as when you’re in a cafe or an airport.

What the developers do also warn you about is that you shouldn’t rely on Psiphon Pro to have complete privacy when you’re online. This is a smart move and shows that they’re committed to being honest and transparent about their product. Free VPNs can’t handle the level of tools needed to ensure that your IP address is always secure, so you shouldn’t rely on them to be anonymous online.

Psiphon Pro is also an open-source VPN, meaning anyone can look at the source code and see exactly what it’s designed to do. This means there aren’t any tricks hidden in the code that could compromise you and your data.

They’re based in Canada, which means that they fall under Canadian jurisdiction and if the Canadian authorities demanded that they hand over their data they would likely have to oblige that request. That being said, while the company does log data, they don’t save anything that could reveal the identity of their users. Still, the fact that Canada is part of the Five-Eyes intelligence sharing network means that hardcore privacy advocates, journalists, and activists should think twice before using it.

Why Download Psiphon Pro APK for Android?

To put it plainly, if you’re trying to get around online censorship, then this is arguably one of the best free tools online to do so. It works through using VPN servers as well as SSH mode to ensure that you’re getting around any block online. This has made the VPN app really popular in countries like China and Iran, but also in Western countries too.

Psiphon Pro apk receives funding from the US State Department Open Internet Project for its efforts to get around censorship (this is obviously a political move aimed at allowing Chinese and Iranians to access international news and social media outlets where they can find critical information about their own governments).

The app is free, although there is a premium version. Frankly, it isn’t worth using the premium version as it doesn’t really give you much more than the free one and it’s relatively expensive.

The main downsides of Psiphon Pro are that you cannot choose your server (you’re automatically connected to the fastest one) and that it’s pretty slow to use.

Download the latest version of Psiphon Pro APK for Android Free

If you want to get one of the best free open internet tools around at the moment, then simply press the download button at the top of this page. You’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install the latest version of Psiphon Pro apk for free with no hassle. Try it out today and say goodbye to censorship.