You know that your work looks better in a PDF format – that sleek and editable little document makes everything come alive. But looks aren’t the only thing that PDFs have going for them, they’re also a very secure and traceable way to send documents back and forth – so reliable that they’re used in the courts, as they can’t be edited without leaving a digital footprint.

You can convert any file to PDF on a laptop with ease but on an Android device? That’s a little more tricky unless, of course, you have the latest version of PDF Converter apk for Android. With this clever little app, you can take a picture of any document – be it a written message, a receipt, or a tax file – and then convert the photo to a secure PDF document. This is a great way to keep track of your receipts (as most shops accept scans as well as the original piece of paper), and it’s a great way to make the lives of the accounting staff at your office easier.

What’s so good about PDF Converter apk?

In short, simplicity. The app is so easy to use, you just open it and then you can take any document from your files, or any photo you take, or anything someone sends to you, and convert it into a PDF with the press of a button. Once you’ve got your PDF, you can instantly share it via email, messaging, text, or some other medium. Suddenly your life is easier. Thanks, PDF Converter apk, you’re the best!

With PDF documents, you can set a password so that only the recipient can access the files you’re sending. This is especially useful for business communications, although anyone sending sensitive information should also consider doing this. To drive home the point, PDF documents are the chosen format used by most governments around the world, so you can count on their security. It’s impossible to edit a PDF without leaving a digital footprint. While someone could copy your document and then claim that it’s the original, you’ll still have the email you sent to them with proof that yours is, in fact, the original document. This is why PDF documents are used by most court systems around the world, too. They’re legally reliable.

Why use PDF Converter apk?

The latest version of PDF Converter apk for Android can help you to keep track of your expenses, as well as make all your correspondence look sleek as a turtle wearing sunglasses. You can log all your receipts to claim back VAT at the end of the month. You can use it to PDF your CV to make it look more professional. You can use it to secure sensitive documents like pictures of passports and visas. There are lots of ways to make use of the latest version of PDF Converter apk.

To get the latest version of PDF Converter apk for Android, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can get it for free. Have a nice day!