Open Camera is a free, open source, fully integrated camera app for Android that you can download here. This app is a great photo editing software that is easy to use and is suitable for both professionals and entry-level photographers.

You can use the camera editing features to modify your shots to make them look great for Instagram or other social media websites, or just for your personal camera roll.

With the latest version of Open Camera, you can make use of tons of features to up the quality of your shots, both before and after shooting.

The fact that its open source means that any developer can pitch into making it work better for users, and as a result, it has been tweaked into one of the best camera apps for Android. On top of this, it’s absolutely free, includes no in-app purchases, and no ads. Totally free.

Best Features of Open Camera for Android

Better functions

Using Open Camera allows you to take full advantage of the full potential of your phone’s camera. Assuming your device has the hardware necessary to use these features, you’ll be able to change focus of the camera, as well as change the white balance, ISO, exposure, and more after shooting.

Open source

Anyone with the will and the know-how can make a contribution to improving Open Camera. This ensures that it suits the needs of users and is constantly being held to scrutiny.

No ads

The fact that the app is totally free and doesn’t involve any ads means that you can confidently use the camera without distraction. What’s better…

No in-app purchases

It’s totally, 100% free.

Video recording

You can take HD videos with the app, as well as time-lapses to produce works of art and capture all those important moments.

Left/right support

The interface can be optimized to suit both left and right-handed people. Whatever your orientation, you don’t have to worry about being hindered with Open Camera.

Amazing shots

Most importantly, Open Camera allows you to take beautiful pictures with ease. Your social media accounts will light up with awesomely crafted photos, that bring out the value and emotion of the moment. Whether a pro-photographer looking for something to spice up their Android device, or a novice looking to what they can do, you’ll find something suited to you with the Open Camera.

Download the latest version of Open Camera for Android, free

If you want all of these great features and more, then press the download button at the top of this page and Open Camera will install. Once you’ve got it on your device, you can get to taking amazing photos with ease.

You’ll be impressed by the improved quality of your photos – especially if you’ve never used a similar app on your Android device before.

So, don’t wait any longer – get to using the best open-source camera app on Android – never worry about those tacky looking, devoid of emotion, stock filter images from your camera again.