Streaming is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world right now. Live streaming is a subcategory under streaming that has also gained a large following. Nimo TV is China’s answer to Twitch. The application has a large community of gamers that stream their gameplay live on the application. The application has even received investment from the developers of PUBG. This means that Nimo TV is no small fish. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the latest version of the application.

The latest version of Nimo TV

The latest version of Nimo TV will give you hours on end of entertainment. Streaming gamers, while they play, has become extremely popular in the last decade. From Youtube to Twitch, playing video games in front of an audience has become a profession for some. Nimo TV also gives you the opportunity to make some cash, if you become famous enough on the platform.

The interface on the latest version of Nimo TV is minimalistic. This makes the application easy to navigate and use. There are no complicated controls that will confuse new users. In fact, the application resembles Youtube in a sense. You can choose to watch the video in full-screen mode or have the comments enabled under the video to see what others have on their mind.

E-sports is yet another thing that has gained the world’s attention. On Nimo TV you can either watch professionals battle it out in teeth grinding matches or you can jump in one of the tournaments organized by the development team of the application. If you’re good enough you can even win some money. I would recommend taking a look at these tournaments, they tend to be quite the show.

To make money on this streaming platform there are a few requirements that you need to meet. The first level starts at 200 subscribers and that’ll earn you around $50 a month. Along with the subscriber count, you’ll need to log up to 60 hours of gameplay. This scale goes up to where you can earn $1000 a month while doing about 90 hours a month with 6000 subscribers.  If you think you’re entertaining enough, you can make some money on Nimo TV.

Download the latest version of Nimo TV

There isn’t much to say about Nimo TV in the end. The application works great and the interface makes it easy to use and navigate thanks to the familiarity of its design. In the application, you will find a whole list of games that you can stream. Once you click on a game, you’ll be greeted by another list that has all the streams for that game. At the top, the most popular streams will be listed. You can scroll through and pick any one of them that looks attractive to you. This way you can discover new streamers and maybe even a game or two.

To download the application, just click on the download button on this page. You will be redirected to the Google Play Store. The fact that the app is on the Play Store means that it’s trusted by Google. It’s very unlikely that it contains viruses that might harm your mobile device.