You’ve probably heard a thing or two about Minecraft before. Having become one of the most popular games ever released since it hit screens back in 2013, the latest inversion of Minecraft PE for Android includes all the latest features, and tackles all the latest bugs.

he game, developed by Mojang studios, allows players to explore and build up a massive world – block by block. You can craft houses, castles, and entire cities from the ground up. You can tame animals and ride them around this world, as well as build portals to explore the underworld and fight massive dragons.

In Minecraft apk, you hold the rule book. While there is an end-game, it doesn’t stop the gameplay, and you can effectively keep crafting forever in this massive, open world. The latest version of Minecraft PE allows players to explore their creativity and build to the satisfaction of their limitless imaginations. This game is great for kids and adults alike.

Enter the world of Minecraft 

The map in the latest version of Minecraft is 60,000km by 60,000km – making it bigger than the planet Neptune, and four times bigger than Earth. You’re free to mine, build, harvest resources and explore every inch of this essentially limitless world.  In doing so, you’ll confront all kinds of terrain, home to all manner of animals and monsters.

The latest version of Minecraft includes the Overworld – where players begin, and where you’ll be constructing most of your buildings and letting your creativity run wild. It also has the Nether, which is only accessible after you’ve constructed a Nether Portal. This takes you to a smoky underworld, full of lava lakes, rare minerals and even more monsters. You can also explore the Towers of Obsidian and more.

The latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition also features Ender – a shadowy realm only accessible once you’ve activated an End Portal from an underground stronghold, which you must find by digging into the ground. In this realm, you’ll find the Ender Dragon, which, once you’ve defeated, marks the end of the game, and the rolling of the credits (note that this doesn’t end the gameplay).

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Download Minecraft PE – latest version 1.1.5 – apk now 

Minecraft PE version 1.1.5 for Android features some cool new bits and bobs, including ocean monuments, commands, beacons, lingering potions, and guardians, as well as much more. To get the most out of Minecraft PE for Android, we’d recommend downloading this latest version. If you have an iOS device then you can download Minecraft PE version 1.1.7.

If you’ve not got the game on your phone yet, then you’ll have to purchase the game first from the Mojang website for $6.99.  We don’t ever condone downloading a game or app illegally for free – this takes away from the developers who spent countless hours making the game for you to enjoy – money which later goes into the further development of this game and others.

On top of that, any illegal download will likely be littered with malware. Purchase Minecraft PE and then download this latest version.