If you’re a fan of board games, then Ludo King isn’t to be missed. Rather than having to carry an entire set around with you wherever you go and solicit random strangers on public transport to play Ludo with you, you can get all the action in the palm of your hand with the latest version of Ludo King apk for Android. All the Ludo madness, none of the rejection from people on the street.

Ludo was originally Pachisi – a game played by the Indian nobility for centuries past. Ludo has been played in its current form since the end of the 19th century and was brought to Europe from India where it then spread accordingly.

Play Ludo King apk game on Android

The latest version of Ludo King apk on Android is set up to give you the same great experience of playing Ludo on the board. There can be up to six players in this version – although the standard four-player version is also present – and you’ll have four pieces to move around the board (same as the original board game version) and you have to roll a six on the dice to get your piece outside of the base to begin moving it around the board.

If you’ve ever played Ludo, then you’re probably familiar with the fairly simple (yet occasionally frustrating as hell) rules. Move your piece around the board until you get to the center and if another player lands on your piece then you have to put it back in the base and you can move it out again until you’ve rolled a six.

What’s in Ludo King apk? 

What’s cool about the latest version of Ludo King apk for Android is that you can have up to six players, which means a bigger board that takes on a hexagon shape – this means longer games and more chance for players to land on each other and knock opponents pieces back into their base.

What’s more, you can play online against people from all around the world, or you can invite your friends to play. If you’re not feeling standing up to real players, then you could always play against the computer first to get some experience – of course, this is also great for when you don’t have WiFi or 3G.

On top of Ludo, the app also features the classic Snakes and Ladders game, just because you know… why not? Snakes and Ladders is a game where you have to move your piece up the grid board, and if you hit a ladder then you can climb it further up the board, whereas if you hit a snake then you must go back down the board. This is another classic game and both can be enjoyed either offline or online.

Never again will you have to endure boring journeys or late nights with nothing to do. The latest version of Ludo King apk comes with all the entertainment you need to spend hours glued to your screen while yelling at other people who just made you lose. You’ll love this app for sure.

Download the latest version of Ludo King apk free

To download the latest version of Ludo King apk for Android free, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can get it for free. Enjoy!