Kodi is one of the leading entertainment apps for Android, alongside Showbox, and has been downloaded by millions of users seeking to watch movies and TV shows for free on their device.

The app is a hub of digital entertainment, providing streams for all the movies you could think of while not requiring an account or any form of payment.

If you want movies and entertainment but don’t want to shell out on a Netflix account, then Kodi is the app for you.

Why Choose Kodi?

The latest version of Kodi apk for Android allows you to add on multiple sources to stream movies, TV shows, play music, watch videos online, and more.

The app is essentially a media player that can be connected to various third parties. Such third parties include YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, various online streaming sites, and more.

Thanks to this, Kodi can be used to view pretty much anything online, making it the best entertainment hub you could possibly ask for. Find all your favorite things in one place.

Best Features:


Connect all your favorite entertainment apps to Kodi for the ultimate viewing experience on Android. You can access pretty much anything you want, from YouTube to 123Movies. You’ll never be stuck for something to watch, so long as you have Kodi on your phone.


While connecting sources to Kodi can be a bit complicated (you can find detailed instructions online), the main interface is easy to use. Finding movies and TV to watch is easy with Kodi, so is listening to music and locating radio stations.


Nothing like a free app, right? Kodi is totally free to download, although, depending on what add ons you want to connect, you might have to make accounts with third parties – for example, if you want to watch Netflix on Kodi, then you’ll need a Netflix account.

Downsides of the latest version of Kodi apk

Every app comes with some downsides. It’s worth noting that while downloading Kodi is totally legal, some of the add ons that you can install can be used to watch pirated material, which is technically illegal, as it violates copyright. For this reason, Kodi should be used wisely. Only use legitimate sources when watching stuff on Kodi.

Download the latest version of Kodi apk for Android

Due to the potential to use Kodi for illegal streaming, you won’t be able to find it on the Google Play Store. This isn’t a problem, as you can easily download Kodi here for free. Just press the button above.

If you’ve never downloaded an app outside of the Play Store before, then you’ll have to go into your Settings, navigate to Security, and check “Allow Unknown Sources.”

This will allow your phone to install apps that aren’t approved by Google. Android gives us this cheeky back door, although iOS devices like iPhones don’t. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, then you won’t be able to install Kodi on it.

We hope you enjoy using this media player.