Anyone who has a penchant for Android – or even browser – games should know the name Kingdom Rush. The game provided one of the most addictive titles in the mobile gaming industry and is now loved by millions every day.

The game is a tower defense one. These games are characterized by having to build towers around a small map that will attack passing enemies. The first of these games was Bloons Tower Defense, which appeared as a browser game years ago and has since had several successful follow-ups. Hordes of enemies will follow the winding path from one side of the map to the other side (your side) and you must kill them all before they complete their journey. For every enemy that passes the whole map, you will lose points. The aim is to not allow more than a certain number through your defenses. Simple, right? Not exactly…

The latest version of Kingdom Rush Vengeance

In Kingdom Rush, your mission is generally to stop the evil armies of Vez’nan from destroying the kingdom. This time around, however, you will control the evil wizard’s armies and conquer three kingdoms with your powerful armies. Build towers and stop the defenders from getting through in the latest version of Kingdom Rush Vengeance, where you inflict suffering on those who previously defeated you.

You can now use the magical towers of the dark wizard to lay waste to the advancing knights and foot soldiers of the three kingdoms. There are tons of epic enemies and 16 new towers to build and upgrade to perfection. There are also 16 challenging stages to combat your way through to final victory.

The addictive gameplay of this game will have you hooked for hours until you finally get past the challenges of the later levels. In doing so you will rule the three kingdoms that humiliated you in the previous games.

Top Tips for Playing Kingdom Rush Vengeance latest version

When playing this game, it’s important to follow the tips that are provided to you throughout. For example, if you start a new level and you’ve unlocked a new tower or upgrade to an existing tower, then that new feature will be significantly important throughout the level – it will likely have a special effect against the new enemies you’ll be facing in this stage. It’s best to use these new towers and not just rely on the ones that worked in the previous level.

On top of this, it’s sometimes better to have one fully upgraded tower at the start of a level with lots of foot soldiers than it is to have lots of weak towers. While this rule doesn’t always apply, it certainly does in some levels and you should be aware of this if the hordes keep getting through your existing strategy and causing you to lose the level.

Finally, the latest version of Kingdom Rush Vengeance features lots of very cool heroes – make sure you use their abilities to your full advantage and keep them upgraded. Similar to the towers, try different heroes in different situations to see which ones work best.