There are tons of messaging apps out there, so why should you download a new one? What can Kik Messenger bring you that Whatsapp doesn’t already? Let’s find out what the latest version of Kik Messenger has to offer.

What is Kik Messenger?

First of all, the Canadian messaging app has a simple and to the point interface that doesn’t smother you with pointless features. This means that you can get straight into messaging, which is probably why you wanted to download a messaging app anyway, right? The app is laid out in a similar way to Whatsapp – you have your contacts, your chats, groups, and bots to play with – we’ll get to this last one in a minute.

The latest version of Kik Messenger has a smooth chat design that makes it easy for you to share photos, videos, and voice clips with your friends. It also comes with thousands of emojis to choose from so you can express yourself in as many ways as you can think of.

What’s more, the latest version of Kik Messenger also comes with an intuitive video and voice chat function that makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family from a distance and get the most out of your online interactions.

If you’re looking to connect with strangers in a new city, or you just want to chat with random people who share your interests, then you can check out the Groups function. The latest version of Kik Messenger allows you to make a group of up to 50 random people for any subject you want. Whether it’s paintballing. a city group, kendo, horse riding, dialectics, cooking, Gaelic football, Judaism, or whatever else comes to mind, you can find a group for pretty much anything on Kik, and if it’s not there, then simply make your own and wait for those curious visitors to stop by. In this way, you can connect with new people from around the world who share interests or live near you – it’s a great way to meet some likeminded people, or just be able to chat with interesting folks from around the big blue marble.

QR Codes

One more great thing about Kik Messenger – it allows you to scan QR codes to open a chat. This awesome feature is really useful for advertising and support centers. If you’re running a small business or event, then you can put up flyers with your unique QR code attached and people can then scan it to immediately open a chat window with on Kik. In this way, you can tell people more about your event or point them towards unique parts of your service. This is also a great way to prank your friends…

Finally, the latest version of Kik Messenger comes with hundreds of bots. These guys are great fun to chat with or play games against, and you can even throw them into group conversations to spice things up a bit. From zombie apocalypse choose-your-own-adventure style chats to puzzle games, the bots are a really unique feature to Kik that make it a lot of fun to play around with.

Download the latest version of Kik Messenger apk for Android now by pressing the button at the top of this page and you’ll get access to all these awesome features, plus more. Check it out today.