Here we have a game for all the frustrated and mentally unstable people who need a way of relief every day. Is your school stressful and you’re on the point of becoming one of the latest school shooting maniacs? Is your workplace packed with useless pieces of meat that just burden your day-to-day life? Do your friends treat you like a worthless waste of oxygen? Here is the solution to your inner aggression. Now you’ll be able to take out some of the frustration just by utilizing your imagination and planting the face of the enemy on the virtual doll.

Unleash your inner psycho

The game has a very simple premise. Use the weapons in your arsenal to do as much damage as you would like on a rag doll. The doll just sits patiently on-screen with a mocking grin that’s begging for a proper bashing. Channel your aggression and bring your sadistic tendencies to the surface as you rip the doll apart with all manner of weapons. Imagine it’s the person that’s making your life unbearable and kill them.

Weapons of choice

So the question on your mind at this point might most likely be: What weapons do we get to play with? The range of weapons starts from a selection of firearms all the way to a mythical Dragon. Yes, you read correctly, you can unleash a freaking dragon on the defenceless doll and watch it suffer like it deserves to! In between, you’ll even find household items, hazardous waste and laughing gas. The laughing gas is best used on an opponent when they start to get submissive. Release the laughing gas and ask them what they find so funny. Afterwards, follow up with more brutal torture as punishment for the induced laughing.

Good aspects of Kick the Buddy APK

Overall appearance

Kick the Buddy’s graphics aren’t of the best quality but it’s as good as it needs to be for the game to be enjoyable. The sound effects and actions make for some satisfying violent actions. The weapon arsenal is vast and a very creative collection. The gameplay is elementary and players will find it easy to get the hang of it. This simplicity makes it easy and fast to play where ever you find yourself.

Gameplay for stress relief

The best way to put this game to use is when you find yourself on the brink of putting an end to the life of another human being. Instead of harming someone that might even deserve it, use this game and torture an innocent virtual doll. The large variety of ways you can harm the stitched up little twat makes the game hella fun.

If the blatant violence doesn’t do the job. Remember that you’re taking out your anger on a mobile device and the pointlessness might put a smile on your face. The game itself tends to be extremely funny at times. The ways you can harm the doll is one of the aspects that attribute to the humour because some of them are simply too stupid to believe.

So why don’t you download the latest version of that game for your Android right here?