KeepVid apk allows users to download and save YouTube videos offline to their Android devices. This is one of the most popular YouTube video downloader apps, used by millions of people, and allows you to save videos from major social networking and entertainment websites alongside the video magnet.

YouTube video downloader apps are increasingly popular these days, even after YouTube made it possible to save non-copyrighted videos offline. While this development means that tons of videos can now to viewed offline, much of the best content remains strictly prohibited for download, due to copyright reasons. This includes many music videos, as well as other content that has some form of formal creative license.

KeepVid follows a similar pattern. They only allow you to download videos that they deem to be unprotected by copyright – this means that for YouTube, they’re essentially the same as the service itself when it comes to offline content availability.

However, the app also allows you to download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and many more popular sites where videos are frequently uploaded.

On top of this, you can download and save them onto your device, rather than just in the app. This means that you can share them with other devices or storage drives, too.

How to Download KeepVid – latest version – on Android

To download the latest version of KeepVid apk, simply press the button at the top of this page. The app isn’t available on Google Play Store due to the fact that it used to allow users to download YouTube videos (the video site is owned by Google) without adhering to copyright conditions. Technically, it could still be used to do this for other websites, and the developers ultimately can choose what constitutes a video that is allowed to be downloaded.

To get KeepVid, simply go to “Settings” on your Android device, navigate to “Security” and check “Allow Unknown Sources.” This will allow you to download apps that aren’t on Google Play Store in the future.

Now you can download the app and begin downloading videos offline.

Features of KeepVid – latest version


Download videos from all corners of the web. You’re not just limited to downloading YouTube videos with KeepVid apk. You can get videos from various sources around the internet.


Unlike most other apps of its kind online, you won’t have to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes when using KeepVid. They’re very cautious to make sure that you only download videos that haven’t been subject to copyright.


Another great thing is that the app is free.


You can also convert music videos into MP3 and MP4 format to listen to later.


Downloads are quick, and you can do multiple downloads at the same time. This saves you time and makes things more efficient.


You won’t struggle to use the app – just go on to YouTube (within KeepVid) or any other site you want to get videos from, select a video, and press download. Your completed downloads will appear both in the app and in your saved files on your phone/tablet.