Just like the movie industry, we’re always in the know of what goes on in America. The music industry is the same in the sense that it’s mostly American pop that gets all the attention, with a few exceptions here and there. There are a wide variety of music applications. Most of the applications only cater for people who have a mainstream taste. In the latest version of Jio Music, you’ll see a whole other story altogether. The application has a selection of mostly Indian music and is, therefore, the dominating music application in India.

Jio Music latest version features

The application has a few nice little features. These features make it easy to use and browse through the 45 million songs in the app’s library. The first worth mentioning are the curated playlists. These playlists are created according to different music tastes. You can select one depending on your mood and listen for hours on end. Another feature is the recommendations that assist you in discovering new songs and artists.

Downloading songs on the application for offline use is just another reason to stop reading and click on the download button above. Choose from a selection of languages to listen to music in your native tongue. The interface of the application makes using the app a breeze. There is a dark mode for people who listen to music in darkness, it’s really easy on the eyes at night. Download your favourite songs to listen to them offline and save some of your precious mobile data.

There are multiple settings that you can adjust to customize the sound. This way the application gives you more control. If you have more than one device you use daily, the application can sync the music on up to five devices. Never be without your music again. Jio is also very considerate, the application will play music in the background as you use other applications.

The latest version has fixed some bugs and improved the speed of the application. The developers focus on keeping their users happy and satisfied with the service.

Download latest version of Jio Music

Make sure your device’s settings are adjusted¬†to allow third-party applications to download. After that, you just have to click on the green download button above and you’ll be good to go. As far as we can tell there seems to be no malware or spyware connected to the application. It is safe to download and use.

There is a pro version available that removes advertisements and gives you access to some more features. I would recommend this only to people who use the application every day.

Overall the application’s latest version hasn’t changed much. The main features remain the same, but the library is ever-expanding. If music from India is your jam, Jio Music is the way to go. The application is free to download, the interface works smoothly and makes using the application more user-friendly. The selection of music is vast and a great alternative to mainstream western pop.