Video editing used to be a hassle and could mostly only be done by professionals that had extensive knowledge about the software they needed to use. Today we don’t need to wrestle with complicated thousand dollar programs to edit videos and images anymore. There are many mobile video- and picture editing apps available for download at the moment. One of the best available for free download is InShot. InShot is a mobile image- and video editing app that has most of the essentials needed to do basic video editing. The InShot app can be used to effortlessly edit your homemade videos on your cell phone or tablet. InShot has a variety of features that enable the user to edit videos and pictures easily.

InShot Pro

InShot is a free application available for Android and iPhone, but the free version gets you as far as any other free apps today. It’s all about the money these days. Hence, to receive access to all the features the application has to offer, you need to purchase the app’s “Pro” version. The Pro version can be paid for in three different ways. The first is a monthly option that cost $2.99. The second is charged yearly for $9.99. The third and final option is a once off payment that buys the right to use the software for as long as you breathe, is $29.99.

Features of InShot APK latest version

The features InShot has to offer for video editing include:

  • Trim the video to the desired length you need it to be. This feature allows you to shorten the video from the beginning and end points.
  • Cut parts of the video. Cutting out parts in the video that you deem unnecessary (or embarrassing).
  • Split the video at a point of your choice.
  • The canvas feature lets you select the aspect ratio to suit the social media platform you want to post it on.
  • Add Effects, filters or adjust lighting settings in the video. Play around with the atmosphere.
  • Insert images, other videos and text.
  • Add sound effects. They can be pre-recorded or you can choose from a selection of default sounds.

InShot can be used to edit images as well. The features for editing images are the same as some of the video editing features.

  • Canvas feature
  • Effects, filters and lighting adjustment
  • Insert images and text
  • Cropping of the image

In conclusion

The InShot application is a great tool for people who want their videos to be the best they can be. The application caters for a number of different platforms which makes it very versatile. The features the InShot app has to offer is sufficient for amateur social media buffs. Therefore, InShot works great if you want an uncomplicated way to edit images or videos, and receive good quality results at the end. The Inshot app replaces the need to edit videos and pictures on a computer and makes life a little less complicated for its users. There is also no need to spend tons of money on professional editing software, that probably takes weeks to get the hang of. Finally, you can just install InShot on your mobile device and edit your images and videos effortlessly.