Looking to get your jumping action on? Download the latest version of Helix Jump to get all your kicks and thrills by controlling a little ball of paint (or is that a red blood cell?) as is bounces through a DNA-like helix in an attempt to get to the bottom. But watch out for the red parts of the helix – naturally, they’ll kill you.

Why play Helix Jump? 

The game belongs to the next generation of super-simple yet totally addictive games for Android and iOS devices and requires absolutely nothing in the way of prior skills. You’ll build up your ability to play Helix Jump as you bounce through each level, and you’ll regret none of the time spent doing so.

Published by VOODOO, the game originally appeared as a flash game for PC, seeing the addictive potential of the thing, the aforementioned publishers moved it over to Android. If you’re looking for some senseless entertainment for when you’re lying in bed, sat on the loo, traveling on public transport, or whatever other situations you find yourself in, then let us introduce your new best friend to you.

Best Features of Helix Jump

Now that you know a little more about this game, let’s get the microscope out to have a closer look at some of its best features.

The bounce

Frankly, this is the best part of the game for us and it’s something that will probably satisfy you too, although you might struggle to find out why this is. The little bounce that the red ball does and the subsequent splash of red under it make you feel weirdly calm. The physics of the whole thing are just so perfectly in tune, and it makes it a really therapeutic experience.


This isn’t a game that requires much brain-power, so even if your IQ is in double-digits, you’ll still figure it out. All you have to do is bounce the ball down the helix without hitting the red bits. If you fall for longer then you gain more power in your fall and you’ll smash through other parts of the helix that you land on. This is another satisfying feeling.

Free to play

Okay, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and Helix Jump apk comes with a lot of ads – like, a lot – but you won’t have to pay any money to play the game unless you want to remove the ads. There is such thing as a free game, apparently.


Maybe this isn’t so much of a pro for everyone, but if you’re a fan of getting totally sucked in by a simple game and then spending the next three weeks playing it religiously like the world will be engulfed by a black hole if you don’t, then download the latest version of Helix Jump now.

Download the latest version of Helix Jump apk game

If you’re sold, which we’re sure you are – why else would you have read this? – then download the latest version of Helix Jump apk by pressing the button at the top of the page. You’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can download Helix Jump for free. Enjoy!