HBO has become a household name and dinner table conversation topic ever since they brought us the Sopranos. The company has a reputation that ensures we know that if they release something, there is a 90% chance that the show will be amazing. Recently we have been introduced to Game of Thrones and True Detective. HBO never ceases to bring us top-notch entertainment year after year. Now HBO has created a streaming service similar to Netflix. This application has the complete HBO library available for you to enjoy.

The Latest Version of HBO Go

The latest version of HBO Go makes it convenient for users to view their favourite HBO shows anywhere and any time, even when they are on the go (Thus, the name HBO Go).¬† The library of the app has all the HBO shows and their episodes. As a user, you can use the latest version to navigate the vast library without any effort. The application’s interface is smooth and very easy to use. You won’t struggle to get the hang of the GUI whatsoever. Like mentioned above, all the HBO shows and their episodes can be found on the latest version of the application.


The downsides of the app are that you have to pay $15 a month for the service, no 4K resolution and it is rather expensive. That’s a lot more than Netflix. Yes, the application’s subscription monthly will cost you almost double the cost of a Netflix subscription. The latest version of the HBO Go app doesn’t have the content to compete against a service like Netflix. This problem aside, the application has a very small market of users. The application is mostly used by hardcore HBO fans (Obviously). The lack of variety on the application makes the fact that the price is so high baffling. So why use the application if you can find cheaper entertainment of the same quality elsewhere.

For some unknown reason, the latest version of the application doesn’t have 4k resolution on the videos. This is a vital aspect that has been adopted by most of the other streaming platforms.

Download the latest version

If you’re willing to ignore the downsides of the application you can easily download the HBO Go APK by following the link on this page. On the bright side, when you subscribe and use the application, there are no ads present. So if your whole world of entertainment revolves around the HBO network, you can enjoy it without any annoying advertisements.

In the end, the application is somewhat unnecessary in certain aspects. Nevertheless, the interface makes it easy for users to find and play the best HBO has to offer. Just keep in mind that there are other services that will cost you less and give you more so only make this decision if you’re willing to devote yourself entirely to the television god known as the great HBO. Click the download button above and get the application free of charge (well… until you actually want to watch something on the thing).