Hago is on the frontline of social gaming for the mobile platform. Are you a lonely mobile gamer that doesn’t know where to make friends? Or maybe just someone that likes to slack off at work and doesn’t like to do it alone? Hago was created with the purpose to bring flash gamers together.

What is Hago?

The application is a collection of games where players can face off against each other and are given the opportunity to socialize as they do it. Hago has a variety of games to choose from where players can compete against others from around the world. The games are 2 dimensional and give the players a retro gaming feeling. The app is perfect for anyone that loves arcade style games.

The social part of Hago plays a great role in the rising popularity of the application. There are multiple ways you can communicate with friends and foes alike.

Connecting with other players

Text chat

Players can send each other text messages over the chat as they fight it out on the digital battleground. Along with this you can quickfire emoji’s to portray your feelings and keep your attention on the game at hand.

Voice chat

Use your voice to inspire friends or break down enemies. The app has an admin that monitor the chats so be careful not to be too nasty or you might find yourself getting banned. Therefore, I would recommend doing the calm and collective not so straight forward insults that get the enemy’s blood boiling while you keep a poker face. Do not display aggression, just get them angry and distracted then smash them.


The gameplay of the games on Hago is fast-paced and short matches ensure you can fit a game in while waiting in line at the bank. The games last around three minutes which allows you to get a quick technological adrenaline rush. The games are designed to be played and mastered by anyone easily and quickly. Afterwards, you can test your skills against other players, maybe even make some friends (or enemies) as you do it.

Feedback on Hago

Hago has received great ratings and positive feedback from users of the application. Some of the users even warn others about how addictive the games can be and that we should be careful not to get sucked into hours of gameplay. The social aspect is brilliant and the administrators try to keep it as safe and friendly as possible.

However, Hago like all apps is not perfect. The Hago app does have some drawbacks. users have reported that the app tends to crash sometimes which can be very frustrating.

Download Hago for free

The only trick to downloading the app is to enable apps from third-party sources in your Android’s settings. The rest is as simple as clicking on the green download button. After the download, you won’t be disappointed in the endless hours of gaming provided by the app. Hago also makes sure there are new games for players to indulge themselves in along with regular updates to keep it running smooth. Enjoy your social gaming experience with Hago.