Google Play Store doesn’t need much of an introduction. The app store is the largest on the web, with 2.7 million apps available for download.

This is actually a lot less than the service used to offer. Way less, in fact. Google Play Store had more than 3.7 million apps in 2016, but it got rid of a million of them (as you do) because they were deemed inadequate, or in contradiction with the company’s terms on the Play Store.

Many an app fell that year due to their content breaking copyright laws, or even for the whole makeup of the app being adware, or even malware. In short, Google took preventative measures to ensure that only legitimate apps found their way onto the Play Store and that users wouldn’t be bombarded with cheap rubbish in an attempt to gather data.

Why Use Google Play Store?

In short, if you’re running an Android device, then this is the official app store that is pre-installed on all Android devices. It’s likely, therefore, that you’ve already used the service to download apps and games onto your phone or tablet.

Of all the app stores out there, only a few are really legitimate. This doesn’t mean that they’re the only good ones, but it does mean that they’re the most secure. You won’t find malware on the Google Play Store, and if you did, then Google would immediately remove it.

That being said, with Google Play Store’s rigid rules, lots of great apps and games don’t appear on the store, so it can be necessary to use another app website in tandem with the service. Download big apps like Facebook and Instagram from Google Play Store, and smaller independent apps from an apk website.

Best Features of Google Play Store (latest version)


Massive amount of apps and games, as well as movies, music and eBooks available to download and purchase on the Play Store.


Google is a trusted name, and you can rest assured that your data is secure on the Play Store – no one will be tinkering with your payment details when using Google Play.


You can see how users rated the apps, and read their reviews to ensure that what you’re about to download is exactly what it says on the tin and that it works properly.


Get all the latest updates to your apps and games through Google Play Store – you can see all the apps you’ve downloaded and update them all at once, saving you from doing each one individually.


The app is easy to use – simply search the app you want, or browse the different categories to find what you’re looking for. You can search by genre of app, movie, eBook, game, or whatever else it is you’re looking for.

Download Google Play Store – latest version – Free

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