Google Account Manager is an app that will save you some serious hassle by allowing you to remove factory reset protection from your device. This means that you can factory reset your Android device without the need to enter your Google password (which a lot of people forget) upon the restart.

There are many reasons why you might want to do a factory reset. First, your phone might be experiencing problems, in which case you can back up all your data and reset the device. This will wipe everything, but it also means the phone should work afterwards.

Another reason is that you’re selling your Android device and you don’t want any of your personal data to fall into the hands of the buyer. This is a common reason for factory resetting, although, if you don’t know your Google password, then you’ll have to wait for THREE DAYS for Google to send it to you. This is very inconvenient if you’re in the process of making a sale (chances are you’re not using that phone, so you probably won’t think to reset it until the day of the sale and if you are using it then you definitely won’t reset it until the moment of the sale).

With this in mind, being locked out of your phone for three days is not acceptable, and it’s not like you can just give the other person your Google password with a clear mind.

How to Remove Factory Reset Protection Lock (FRP)

By downloading the latest version of Google Account Manager, you can simply deactivate FRP, which means that the above-mentioned situations will not ever apply to you. This is the sole purpose of the app, really, which means that if you’re not looking for this feature then there is no point downloading it. If you are, however, then this little trick will give you more control over your own device.

To remove FRP you’ll first have to go into your Settings on your Android device, navigate to Security and allow Unknown Sources. This means that in future you’ll always be able to download apps from outside of the Google Play Store (Google Account Manager apk can’t be found of the Play Store as it alters Android settings that Google doesn’t usually allow to be altered, this is in violation with their rules and therefore you’ll need to download the APK version instead).

Once unknown sources are a-go, just press the download button on this page and the latest version of Google Account Manager apk will download onto your device. Then, open the apk file to install it.

It’s worth noting that you should always have antivirus software installed on your Android when downloading APK files from anywhere online (including from us)  to guarantee the security of the file.

Once the app is on your device, you can open it and follow the simple instructions on how to remove factory reset protection lock. It’s your device and you paid for it, so you should have control over its features. Enjoy!