Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games for Android, similar to PUBG, and is currently one of the most played video games in the world right now. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last six months, then you’ve probably heard of Fortnite.

The gameplay is remarkably similar to that of PUBG: Jump out of a plane, pick up any weapons you can find, and fight for survival against another 99 players on a tropical island. Fortnite is different from the other games in the genre – it takes on a more laid back and vivid graphical approach. The game ditches the boring military style preferred by PUBG and instead allows players to express their own personality through their character.

The vivid and fun graphics, combined with the Ludacris characters and the funny weapons that you can use make this game a real pleasure to play in your free time.

It’s a crazy experience, coupled with intense battle royale gameplay and punch after punch of full-blown action.

Best features of Fortnite for Android

Massive map

The map features a diverse range of landscapes, including deserts, beaches, rolling hills and black forests, and even snow-capped mountains. There is a massive storm incoming that will gradually render the playable area smaller and smaller, so you’ll be forced into a tighter combat zone, where it’s kill or be killed.


Fight it out in nail-biting action where the ultimate mission is to be the last person on the map left alive. You’ll have to hide, run, shoot and fight your way through all other 99 opponents. The gameplay is quite quick with games lasting less than half an hour, this means the combat can be intense. What’s more, you only get one life – if you die, you’re out the game.

Fun graphics

Vivid and colorful, with tons of little quirks and beautiful scenery, Fortnite scores high in the graphics department. You’ll find yourself cheered up by the look and style of the game, helping to keep you addicted to it for as long as possible.


You can make your character a bad looking military man, an anime style guy with a smooth haircut, a ninja, or pretty much whatever else you want it to look like. There are thousands of combinations of characters, meaning you’re unlikely to find another one that looks just like you.

Tons of weapons

You can use rifles, bazookas, grenades, swords, shotguns, and even a rubber chicken to rain death upon all those who stand in your way. Alternatively, you can sit in the long grass or on some high ground with a sniper rifle and pick off targets from afar.

Download Fortnite latest version for Android now, free

The best thing about Fortnite? It’s free to play! Press the button at the top of the page to download it onto your Android device. Once it’s ready, you can spruce up your character and jump into the heat of the action. You won’t regret playing this game, we’re sure of that much!